13/365- Illya Mini Dollfie Dream

Since I am kind of stuck with the snow at the moment, I thought I should use it for my advantage. I obtained Illya’s coat set earlier this winter and had been waiting for some snow to take pictures of her frolicking in it. I made the conscious decision to leave her hat off frankly I was trouncing all through the snow and the last thing I wanted was to drop her hat in it ^^; .
13/365- Illya MDD
Illya is still my one and only MDD, I am hoping to pick up a second one at some point this year (ideally Louise but something new could catch my eye instead). I actually really like the size of MDD but I do like how much of a pain they are to pose, Illya’s knees are especially weak I have a really hard time getting her to stand up on her own. It’s a shame because Illya is one of my favorite characters and I think the MDD is an excellent interpretation of her but I don’t play with her as much because she is pain to work with.

I had to giggle when I got outside with Illya and had the realization that the snow was higher than her head.
Illya will always be one of my favorites even if she is a pain to photograph because of her weak knees. I actually did take her apart and tighten the knee screws as I did Kanu’s before, while I did help Kanu there was no notable improvement with Illya 😦
No more doll pictures for the rest of the week, I promise!

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2 Responses to 13/365- Illya Mini Dollfie Dream

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Ah, so you did try to make it better. That’s a shame tightening the screws didn’t help. This may sound weird but maybe you could put her in an outfit that strategically has something solid behind the knees that gives her more stability. Kind of like a brace. Although that approach won’t help you with her lovely stock outfit…hhmmm

    • kleintoys says:

      Requiemart has been a bad influence on me when something isn’t working right on the dolls I try to fix it now ^^; I stripped her down to the internal skeleton and tried to tighten the screws, while I did help Kanu who basically couldn’t stand on her own anymore it didn’t help poor little Illya. From what I hear MDD have somewhat weak knees generally anyway ^^; I could use a stand for her but I try to resist using them whenever possible, there is one more solution I am looking into that involves putting something in between the joints (called Kips) which is supposed to help now.

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