12/365- ADG Blythe Snowday!

I spent all of yesterday at my grandparents’ house waiting out the snowstorm, it was the most snow in my area since 1888 so I thought it prudent to not try and drive around in the city. My ADG blythe, Gina stays at my grandparents’ house pretty much all the time. I had brought her over a while ago to show her to my grandmother  to see if she remembered maybe buying kenners for any of my aunts/cousins she did not. My grandmother was however quite fond of Gina and seemed rather dismayed when I was going to take her home so I decided it would be okay to leave her there as I am there pretty often myself. Since she doesn’t live at home with me, I don’t photograph Gina all that often so I decided to dress her up for the snow and get some quick pictures of her. 12/365- Gina (ADG Blythe)

Gina was actually my very first blythe, I bought her from a local store after I had received one of Gina Garin’s photography books as a gift. I was initially not very fond of blythes but the pictures in the book really made her grow on me so I thought one wouldn’t hurt. I named her after Gina Garin as without her influence I probably would not have ever bought a blythe.  Gina ended up being my only ADG (so far), all of my other blythes have been Neos. Eventually I would love to add a Kenner blythe to the mix but we will see about that. I recently cut down to seventeen blythes (including Gina) but I do have an eighteenth (Primadolly Aubrina) on the way.

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