14/365- Cardcaptor Sakura Bandai Dolls

In the old days, back before I was really into pullip I used to collect anime dolls from various series. Unfortunately due to space constraints the bulk of my anime dolls collection is boxed up these days. The Cardcaptor Sakura dolls by Bandai have somehow managed to escape being boxed up and put away.
14/365- Cardcaptor Sakura- Sakura and Tomoyo dolls
This particular line of doll was released way back in 2000, I own the entire first line of dolls but I think I am missing one doll from the second line plus there are a ton of the fashion packs I still need ^^;  Trendmasters later released a similar line of the dolls here in the states based on the bastardized Cardcaptors anime but the quality suffered greatly (especially the clothes). I happened to find  Sakura on a back shelf in my local comic book shop probably some time in 2003 or 2004, I picked up a few of the other Sakura dolls here and there (mostly at conventions) but I could never find a Tomoyo. I finally ended up having to resort to Yahoo Japan for Tomoyo some time around my birthday in 2007 (the same birthday I actually received my first pullip as a gift). Tomoyo was a hard fought bidding battle and she cost me dearly but I don’t regret it as at that point I had been searching for her, for years.

Cardcaptor Sakura- Sakura and Tomoyo Dolls
Unfortunately these dolls haven’t exactly aged well, Tomoyo is still in remarkable condition but both of their jackets have discolored over times and Sakura’s body has yellowed and she is going bald. Two of my other Sakura dolls are shedding like crazy as well, luckily Tomoyo’s hair is still all intact.
CCS Tomoyo doll

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4 Responses to 14/365- Cardcaptor Sakura Bandai Dolls

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Ah…what I wouldn’t give for someone to randomly announce a Sakura/Tomoyo figure. Maybe since they recently released a Lum Figma I can look to Max Factory’s Figma line for hope? I’d prefer a scaled figure, but honestly I’d take almost anything inspired from CCS using today’s doll/figure manufacturing technology.

    • kleintoys says:

      I would love for newer, higher quality Clamp figures in general. I would love some nice Chii figures or Sakura/Tomoyo. I am not sure about seeing them as figmas but I think they would make adorable nendoroids.

  2. Manifesto says:

    I have eight dolls from the same series, They really are shedding like crazy, it’s weird that tomoyo is the only one that is not shedding, the rest of the brown haired dolls do show signs of hair fall

    • kleintoys says:

      I think Tomoyo’s hair is made of a different type of material, it feels a lot nicer than Sakura’s did even when she was fairly new. I keep meaning to reroot to Sakura but I have yet to get around to it ^^;

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