8/365- Volks Yo-SD Lorina (Unalice)

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to focus more on expanding my dolls’ wardrobes. I recently bought a couple of outfits for my bjds to help get a little more variety in my doll’s wardrobes including this one….8/365 - Volks Lorina (Unalice)
I had bought this one specifically with my Volks Lillie in mind unfortunately for Lillie, it just seemed to suit Unalice better. Since she had a nice warm hat and boots on I decided to let her come out and play in the snow.

Unalice arrived last year, early August. She is one my all-time favorite Yo-SD releases, second only to my beloved Hina Ichigo. I knew I was doomed to get her as soon as I saw her pictures, not only is she gorgeous but she is an Alice in Wonderland related release. There was an actual Volks Alice Yo-SD and Lorina, I preferred Lorina because Lorina came in pureskin versus the ultra-pale white that Alice came in.
I absolutely love her piercing blue eyes, so much so that I actually bought a second pair of them that I promptly put in my Yo-SD Papi.


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