10/365- Hestia dolls – Isora and Ribon

First off, 9/365 is on flickr it was just a quickee shot so I didn’t really have much to say about it so I am skipping blogging it. Today’s picture of the day is of two of my Hestia dolls. Hestia dolls were made by Jun Planning before they became Groove Inc, the basic premise of the line each release cycle would have a set of twin dolls that would be released simultaneously Ribon and Isora. Ribon is the more girly of the two releases, she would normally end up in lace and ruffles whereas Isora was the punker of the two. The releases were considered to be kind of separate but equal, for example one of the cycles featured a priestess theme so Isora was dressed as a priestess of dark magic while Isora was dressed as a priestess of white magic.
10/365- Hestia Ribon and Isora
My favorite cycle of releases was actually the first two releases, I picked up Mangetunoyoru Ribon last summer from Animadness and I just recently bought Tachimachizukinoyoru Isora secondhand. Tachimachizukinoyoru Isora arrived just today in the mail.

Hestia ceased production before Jun Planning went under. Finding information about them now online is next to impossible as they are all kind of unforgotten now, they were not even featured in the Pullip Complete Style Book even though J-doll and AI dolls were.
Hestia Isora and Ribon
This set of releases came in coffins that can be used as a purse for a person, I personally liked the coffins although from old information I was reading through today it seems the coffins originally drove up the price of these two releases quite a bit.
Hestia Isora and Ribon
I like that their face ups are similar yet not identical. They also both have piercings (though different placings) which I believe is unique to this set of releases.
Hestia Ribon and Isora
Isora and Ribon

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6 Responses to 10/365- Hestia dolls – Isora and Ribon

  1. Moonchild says:

    Congratulations on getting them both! 🙂
    I also own these two, and just adore them. 🙂
    They’re just gorgeous. 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks, I was always partial to Hestia it’s a shame she never really caught on. Even finding information on them can be a pain ^^; Thanks 😀

  2. Stephanie says:

    They are both beautiful. Do you know if there was an Isora that was put out with short hair in a bob cut as compared to the one with the medium length hair. I’ve seen images for the short hair version & just wonder if it was just for pics but not actually produced with the short hair.

    • kleintoys says:

      Thank you :D. As far as I know, the bob haircut was only on the prototype at the time of release there was a lot more variation between release and prototype. The good news is that you can either trim her hair into a bob or Hestia can wear Liv wigs (just cut off the tab on the inside) so you can get some variety of different hair colors/styles.

  3. Bettie says:

    Got Hestia Isora Tachimachizukinoyoru as a present few years ago, I’m not really into dolls and don’t know much about them, but this one is really special to me.
    So I was wondering, is this doll rare? Where could I get to know something about it? ‘CauseThere’s not much information about it on the web…

    • kleintoys says:

      Unfortunately information on them is very scarce, what little bit of information I could find was found using the wayback machine on Junplanning’s old website and digging through the archives of the Pullipstyle forum. Unfortunately the Hestia dolls never really seemed to catch on popularity-wise ^^; From what I understand the coffin releases were the most rare but I don’t think any of the hestias are particularly sought after at the moment, several were sold to lower rung stores like Big Lots by Jun Planning last year and were only selling for like $30 in stores.

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