7/365- Volks Dollfie Dream Excellen Browning

There was a slight break in my posts due to blizzard and subsequent parking ban that basically forced me to seek refuge at my grandparent’s home (without internet) ^^; A pox on street parking, I say! Anyway, Thursday heralded the arrival of a new Dollfie Dream. The new girl is Excellen Browning, she is from the Super Robot Wars series of games.  She is the 17th Dollfie Dream purchased but the 16th received and the 15th introduced; it’s a bit confusing but Rei still hasn’t been officially introduced yet (she is still waiting under the Christmas tree) and Saber Lily although already paid for won’t actually arrive until around my birthday so she may even end up being #18.
7/365 Excellen Browning Dollfie Dream

I am not overly familiar with the Super Robot Wars games, I have some of them and I know I have played them over the years but they were never really something I was that into… of course not everyone in the household shares my feelings on the subject, they love the Super Robot War games so Excellen somehow managed to weasel her way into our Dollfie Dream family. It’s not that I don’t like Excellen’s character, I just feel the DD doesn’t quite capture her perfectly.. her lips seem really off to me. The funny thing is I really love everything about her except the lips ^^; I may eventually see about commissioning someone to redo them to be a bit more subtle as they are currently pretty harsh in my opinion even though changing a stock DD seems a bit sacrilegious to me .
Excellen DD
I just had time for a short photoshoot with her on Friday, I am hoping to take some more pictures of her once the weather is a bit more compliant.

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3 Responses to 7/365- Volks Dollfie Dream Excellen Browning

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Her hair and expression are beautiful. I agree with you on the lips, perhaps they went with a slight orange hue to match her undershirt? How come Rei is still under your tree? Also, I’m envious your tree is still up. I’m still in the Christmas spirit but unfortunately it’s over and we got rid of our tree last week.

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks 😀 I think I could live with the orange but it has like no subtlety to it, it is just omg orange lipstick there is no definition to it just orange. Kind of makes her look cheap ^^; I think if her lips were redone with a little bit of a lighter hand she would be lovely.

      Due to some odd circumstances, Christmas was/is being celebrated twice this season, some stuff got opened up on actual Christmas but not everything including Rei. She will not be freed until later in the week when we do the Christmas thing all over again.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    aw that sounds lovely 🙂 I went skiing last weekend and was thrilled to see so many houses in the mountains with their trees still up

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