6/365- Little Pullip Donkey and Official Pullip 2011 Calender (Possible Prototype pics)

I somehow managed to luck into an absolutely amazing 2011 Pullip calender, I actually got it from Pullipstyle but it is not an item they stock and it is not for sale in their store. I don’t know if it will be available through their store in fact the only reason  I assume I got it because my last order had a bit of a minor issue. I have ordered 100+  dolls from them at this point and this was only the second time I had even a slight issue (the other issue was minor as well),  I was pleasantly surprised to receive the calender with my current order. I actually got two mini pullips in today, one for me the little pullip donkey whom I have named Eeyos and one for a friend of mine.
6/365 LP Donkey and Pullip Calender
As much as I like Eeyos the calender is a lot more interesting as it appears to have some pictures of prototypes both some older ones and some new ones, are these possibly 2011 releases??

Chinese Ghost Story
The pullip Mir and the dal Tina have already been released, pictures of the matching byul and taeyang have surfaced before but nothing has really been heard about them for a while.
The taeyang is very dramatic. Although, he reminds me a bit of Nosferatu and Horizon he still looks very unique. Looking at prototype pictures always makes me giggle about Groove’s laziness if you look closely, you can see that his hand is normal skintone compared to his much paler face I am sure this is just a prototype thing and not how it will be produced if it is ever produced.
Byul has been growing on me, I like the utilization of byul for freakier designs what can I say she just seems well suited for it. Her face up really looks like it would compliment Mir’s and Tina’s really well, I love the way they did the eyelashes on her- I hope she does eventually get released.

School of Pullip
I am admittedly not so sure of these are prototypes or if these are rewigged, redressed dolls. I am not very familiar with most of the taeyang releases so I can’t really comment on them.
IMG_0131 IMG_0134 IMG_0125

Romantic Alice?
Possibly more Alice dolls? Well I for one would be pleased as a peach, but I am not sure how the other not quite so addicted to Alice in Wonderland pullip collectors will feel about them.
Her face up reminds me of a more sophisticated version of Blanche’s.
Tried to take some more closeups
I am not entirely sure who he is supposed to be or if he is in fact a prototype, he could be a Cavalie possibly? I am not as familiar with the taeyang releases so I really can’t say ^^;

My personal favorite, I am not even quite sure what to call her other than gorgeous. We have not had a Wa-Loli release since the Lan twins, her stock seems amazing and her face up is absolutely stunning (maybe a bit reminiscent of Prunella’s?).

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2 Responses to 6/365- Little Pullip Donkey and Official Pullip 2011 Calender (Possible Prototype pics)

  1. applecandy says:

    First of all, thanks for sharing the pictures from the calendar.
    Then, the Korean Ghosts will be released, at least according to what I know, and the Byul will be a fox and the Taeyang will be a dragon. I like them both a lot!
    Romantic Alice’s lashes reminds me Blanche’s too, while the wa loli lips reminds me of Aya’s lips.
    The school uniforms are similar to William’s and Sage’s for some details, but they look different in colours.
    Let’s wait and see!

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks, I try to share any information I find about pullip ^^; I hope the Korean Ghosts are released this year, I am really fond of the Byul.

      Romantic Alice would make a wonderful little sister to Blanche, I think.

      The uniforms don’t look exactly like theirs but I wasn’t quite sure if this were previous releases in new outfits/rewigged or not, the taeyangs all tend to look fairly similar to me.

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