VolksUSA lottery results

VolksUSA recently announced the winners of the lottery for the various Dolls Party 24 items, as I had mentioned previously the Saber Lily Dollfie Dream was one of the items available. I had actually been holding off on buying a Saber Dollfie Dream hoping for a Saber Lily DD (and a Rider Dollfie Dream Dynamite but I guess hope springs eternal for that one). When I initially saw pictures I fell in love with Saber Lily, then I had a change of heart and decided I preferred the original Saber DD over Lily. The more I thought about it and looked at the promotional pictures the more I wanted Saber Lily, luckily for me I decided I had to have her while the lottery entry period was still ongoing and I was able to enter.  I received an email last week letting me know I had won the right to buy Saber Lily but I didn’t want to share the news until she was officially paid for,  Saber Lily will be joining my DD family in March.  Saber Lily will be joining cast mates Rin, Illya and Sakura. Saber Lily results announced
In other Dollfie Dream news…DD Rei is still wrapped up under the Christmas tree waiting for second Christmas to arrive some time early next year. I also have it on good authority that another Dollfie Dream will be joining the family as soon as next week but she isn’t as iconic as some of our other girls.

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2 Responses to VolksUSA lottery results

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Hope Christmas went well 🙂 Grats on the Saber DD!

    • kleintoys says:

      I hope yours did as well 😀 Now begins the very long wait until March for her to arrive, I think the other DD will be here as soon as tomorrow though but she isn’t as exciting ^^;

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