New Year/New 365 Project – 1/365 Pop!Heroes- The Joker Figure

I decided to ring in the new year by starting a new 365 toy project. I’ve previously done a 365 toy project and a 365 doll project but while I always make it a fair way through (160 days + ) I always end up burning out, I am hoping to actually complete this one and go the entire year. I have mostly been photographing dolls lately and I am kind of burnt out on it so I am hoping to photograph a variety of different toys (anime figures, comics toys plus whatever else I can find hanging around the apartment) with the occasional doll photo too I suppose.  I have more than enough toys so that you should never see the same thing featured twice unless I happen to take a picture of my entire collection of a specific toy ie. I might end up doing a shot of all my pinky street together for example.  1/365-  Pop! Heroes- The Joker
I chose to start this year’s 365 project with the Pop! Heroes DC Universe – The Joker vinyl figure by Funko. I received him as a Christmas gift this year from Requiemart. I had initially thought of preordering him when he was first announced but the shipping would have cost more than the figure itself so I was going to try my luck finding him locally. My local shop did not get him unfortunately, luckily Requiemart happened to see him at her local shop and picked him up for me as she knows I love Joker.

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2 Responses to New Year/New 365 Project – 1/365 Pop!Heroes- The Joker Figure

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    “I am hoping to actually complete this one and go the entire year.”

    Definitely am impressive New Year’s Resolution. I’d like to do a few more posts than usual this year.

    • kleintoys says:

      I always start off strong but then I lose focus when I get to the almost halfway point, I am hoping to stick it all the way through this year. Although it isn’t a direct resolution, I am also trying to blog each of the 365 posts as I do the pictures so my blog post count is probably going to go way up as a result >_<

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