Officially 100 days into my 365 Doll Project

100 Days ago I decided to embark on a bit of madness and do a 365 photo project based solely around my doll collection, I don’t actually own 365 dolls but the idea is to keep going until I run out of dolls. I also decided to share my doll’s profiles for the first time and well most of them are a bit demented (ex-ninja turned tabloid photographer – yep, we have one!). Although I haven’t been updating the blog with the goings on of my 365 doll project it has still been progressing. As I hit officially hit 100 dolls today I decided to make a collage and update with all the profiles I haven’t posted here already.
365 Doll Project - First 100
For those wondering how much I can keep going well so far I have featured..
Pullip- 52/188
Dal- 15/53 * Day 37 featured dal twins
Taeyang/Namu- 7/17
Byul- 3/3
Mini Pullip/Dals- 10/22
Dollfie Dream- 3/13
BJD- 3/17
Blythe- 6/17
Mama Chapp- 0/2
Azone- 0/4
Hestia- 0/3
I also have a number dolls on the way, on layaway and/or preordered. So I may or may not actually make the full 365 days.

79/365- Alexiel
Model- Pullip-Ala
Name- Alexiel
Mods- Spray-matte by Requiemart
Bio- Alexiel is an angel. She devotes her life entirely to God and His message. She spends most of her time in solemn prayer. Alexiel and her twin brother Rosiel were very close but he spent too much time in the human world and became a bit warped, he even masqueraded as a human for a time. Alexiel tried to bring him back up into heaven but he refused. She was heart broken about his rebellion and subsequent expulsion from heaven.

Alexiel is the sworn enemy of the fallen angel Azreal. Although she abhors violence she will not hesitate to use it against the demonic Azreal.

80/365 Swift
Model- Pullip-Barasuishou
Name- Swift
Mods- Obitsu hybrid, haircut
Bio- Swift is a bouncer at Picadilly’s pub Seventh Circle. Picadilly does not really need a bouncer but Swift volunteered her services anyhow as she has a crush on Picadilly. Picadilly barely seems to acknowledge her existence. Swift is a tough girl in addition to being a bouncer she has appeared in many films as a stunt-woman. She has also appeared in numerous horror films as she is a bit of contortionist and can bend her body in unusual ways making her a unnerving bad guy or a tragic victim killed in the most unfortunate of positions.

In the past she abused poppers and has still been known to drink too much. She has multiple tattoos and a few unseen piercings.

81/365 Palice
Model- Pullip-Papin
Name- Palice
Mods- Rewigged in a customized Volks wig, eyemech swap with Raphia and earring replaced with silver key earring.
Bio- Palice is a bit innocent and naive but is all very independent and intensely curious. She daydreams, is prone to bouts of whimsy and regularly believes in impossible things. She tries to maintain her composure and to be a proper young lady but she becomes easily frustrated when things do not go as expected. She can become a bit easily distracted at times especially by white rabbits..

82/365 Sadie
Model- Pullip-Wind
Name- Sadie
Mods- Hair cut
Bio- Sadie is a follower. She is easily manipulated and bossed around by people with stronger personalities than her own. She has low self esteem and is a bit awkward. Deep down she is a nice girl but is often peer pressured into doing things that are not very nice. She hopes to be a stronger individual some day.

83/365 Kiki Kitty
Model- Blythe- Cancan Cat
Name- KIki Kitty
Mods- None
Bio- Kiki is a dancer. She absolutely loves to dance whether it be the can-can, ballet or go-go dancing at the local club, she appreciates all forms of dance. She has been tap dancing since she was three years old and has always dreamed of being a world renowned dancer. She is quite popular locally but has never achieved great success out of her local area.

84/365 Camden
Model- Dal- Phoebe
Name- Camden
Mods- None
Bio- Camden just recently moved from London to New York. She is an aspiring musician, she plays the guitar and wants to be a punk rock superstar. She is a bit of a brat, refusing to take orders or directions from others. She is very determined that she will become a rock star no matter what anyone else says, she will resort to trickery and even violence to get what she wants.

85/365- Marilinda
Model- Blythe- Rosie Red
Name- Marvelous Marilinda
Mods- Custom unknown customizer
Bio- Marilinda is an amateur model, she someday hopes to be on the cover of magazines all over the world. She is very beautiful and graceful but also a bit shy which tends to be mistaken as her being snobby as she is too shy to talk to the other models most of the time.

86/365 Alabama
Model- Dal- Chanti
Name- Alabama
Mods- None
Bio- Alabama’s parents with thieves and scoundrels, they attempted to use her in their way of life but she refused to be used in such a way. Alabama has a good kind heart and is a very sweet young girl. She wants to be a proper lady when she grows up so she tries her best to act like a proper young lady most of the time.

87/365 Pumpkin
Model- Pullip-Brand New Purezza
Name- Pumpkin
Mods- None
Bio- Pumpkin owns a sweets store specializing in candy. Halloween is her favorite holiday, she looks forward to all year not because of being able to dress up but because of all the sweets. She wants to live in a world of sweets. She has a very sweet disposition as long as you do not come between her and her candy.

Model- Dollfie Dream-Asuka
Name- Asuka
Mods- None
Bio- A fiery redhead with a fierce temper. On the surface she appears to be a brash, but deep down she is really quite sensitive.

She is very bossy among the other dds she expects to be treated as the favorite as she is obviously the best. She frequently clashes with Rin.

Model- Fairyland- Pukipuki- Ante Full Set
Name- Mariette
Mods- None
Bio- Mariette is a darling little girl that dreams of becoming a proper lady some day. She has quite a sweet disposition but she often fails at her ambitions to be a proper little lady. She loves playing outside, chasing butterflies and looking at all the gorgeous flowers.

90/365 Violet
Model- Pullip-Nomado
Name- Violet
Mods- Full custom by Minklet
Bio- Violet is extremely laid back. She has a very calm demeanor, is extremely patient and it is almost impossible to get her to lose her temper. She loves the punk subculture even though there is nothing in particular she is rebelling against. She does attend rallies for the legalization of medicinal marijuana, it’s an issue she is passionate about even if she herself doesn’t need it for medical reasons she thinks it would be easier to get a hold of safely if it was legal in some form (not that she would break the law and smoke marijuana without a prescription).

Friends with Dani, Jinx, Amy and Leela. She tends to be the voice of reason among her friends, talking them out of some of their wilder schemes. She is the most mature one of the group so the other girls often look to her for guidance.

91/365- Celeste
Model- Pullip-Celsiy
Name- Celeste
Mods- None
Bio- Celeste has a bubbly personality. She is not a very serious girl, she is prone to bouts of giggles and is easily distracted. She can be very naive at times and she is a bit of a ditz . She is very much a girly girl she loves to get her nails done, watch chick flicks and shopping. Celeste excessively chews gum.

92/365 Tiffany
Model- Pullip-Asuka
Name- Tiffany
Mods- None
Bio- Tiffany is a former ninja, she had been trained to be a ninja since a very young age. Although she excelled in her training she lacked passion and didn’t really enjoy being a ninja so she left her tribe. One day she met Scandal, ever the opportunist Scandal decided to use Tiffany’s ninja training for her own nefarious purposes. Tiffany was talked into becoming the photographer for Scandal’s gossip blog. Tiffany’s sneaking abilities come in handy when trying to get scandalous pictures. Because of the strictness of her training she never really got properly socialized so in the rare instances she does have to interact with people other than Scandal she tends to unnerve people with her varied grasp of what is acceptable language.

93/365 Allison
Model- Pullip-Arietta
Name- Allison
Mods- Rewigged/rebodied
Bio- The white rabbit mistook Allison for Alice and brought her to Wonderland. Allison is a bit of a serious girl so she was promptly overwhelmed by all the madness that is wonderland.

94/365 Chartreuse
Model- Dal- Ciel Robin Version
Name- Chartreuse
Mods- None
Bio- Much more lively and rebellious than her twin Ciel, Chartreuse is a bit of a hell raiser. She is a frequent co-hort of Banana Split, they are always getting in trouble together although Banana Split is quick to shift the blame only unto Chartreuse. Ciel is frequently embarrassed by her wild sister’s actions.

95/365 Lithium
Model- Pullip- Eos
Name- Lithium
Mods- None
Bio- Lithium was obsessed with the idea of flight since she was a little girl. She was quite disappointed when the reality set in that humans are not really capable of flight. Instead of giving up on her childish fantasy she decided she would make her dreams a reality through the use of mad science. After years of studying the logistics and countless failures Lithium finally made herself a set of wings capable of flight. Her wings are not really capable of sustained flight but she is diligently working on improving their design. The Comprachico later stole her wing design and modified it then used Valkyrie as an unwillingly test subject for them.

96/365 Reno
Model- Taeyang- Hash
Name- Reno
Mods- None
Bio- Reno is brash and cocky, he considers himself to be God’s gift to women. He initially had a bit of a rivalry with Hollis Heartspark over which of them got the most attention from the ladies. After a humiliating lose Reno conceded victory to Hollis but also became somewhat interested in Hollis himself as Reno did not believe anyone could be better than the ladies with him. He has been known to stalk Hollis.

Reno’s opinion of himself was so high that he used to “delight” girls by giving them a sneak peek at the goods much to their horror. After getting arrested for exposing himself one too many times he has decided that perhaps that hobby was not a very good after all.

97/365 Jolly Roger
Model- Little Pullip- Rovam
Name- Jolly Roger
Mods- None
Bio- Jolly Roger is either Trixie or Roxie’s illegitimate child, neither of the sisters will own up to her parentage. Despite the fact that neither will actually claim her as their child, they take her along out to sea and try and raise her to be a ruthless pirate. Jolly Roger has a sweet disposition so being a rough and tumble pirate is hard for her but she is learning how to be more bloodthirsty.

98/365 PQ
Model- Dal-Maretti
Name- Pink Squirrel “PQ”
Mods- None
Bio- Pink Squirrel is more commonly known by her nickname PQ. PQ is a worrywart, she is always preoccupied with her worries. She is always afraid something will go wrong and someone will get hurt so she goes to outrageous lengths to make sure everyone is cautious of safety. She is a bit OCD about cleanliness as well especially when it comes to silverware. When eating anywhere other than her own home she keeps a fork and a spoon handy just in case she can’t trust the supplied silverware (who knows where that has been!).

99/365 Bunni Luv
Model- Pullip-Leprotto
Name- Bunni Luv
Mods- None
Bio- A nostalgic girl who never quite grew up. She still collects stuffed animals and loves dressing up as her favorite animal and namesake a bunny rabbit.

100/365 Calliope
Model- Pullip-Papin
Name- Calliope
Mods- Custom Lovehaze wig
Bio- Calliope is one of the younger members of the rainbow mafia. Although she is talented linguist (she is fluent in eight different languages) she is extremely childish and is distracted easily. She is extremely unpredictable, sometimes even violently so. Normally her outbursts of violence are actually her being overly affectionate and not realizing just how much damage she is causing. She tends to hinder the rainbow mafia more than help but her abilities to translate several languages generally outweigh any collateral damage she inflicts.

Calliope is a Saturday morning cartoon addict and is utterly obsessed with the children’s show “Nighty Night Raja”. She is the head of the international Raja fan club due in part to her ability to put out newsletters in several different languages without having to enlist help from anyone else. She stalks Raja and regularly steals Raja’s dino costume off the set and masquerades around in it. Raja is aware of her fanaticism but does not seem to do realize the danger behind it, she considers Calliope to be sweet if a bit excessive.

Calliope tends to hang out with the other younger members of the rainbow mafia as the others consider her to be too childish and are unwilling to watch cartoons with her. She frequently clashes with Tangerine. Calliope loathes Spongebob with every fiber of her being but it is Tang’s favorite show so they tend to clash over the remote. Calliope and Eureka are best friends with Eureka being the more stable one of the two of them.

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