Touhou Project Dollfie Dreams announced or haha I’m safe for once

Volks has released a new dollfie dream body type namely the dollfie dream sister body. The new body is approximately 50cm and seems to have been created as a rival to the obitsu 50cm body, granted it probably won’t be able to rival obitsu’s flexibility.

Volks has decided to debut the new body with new dollfie dream releases based on characters from Touhou Project.  The special Touhou Project page on Volk’s website is viewable here. There is a fairly prominent note on the bottom of the page saying that the Touhou Project DDs are only going to be available in Japan (most probably because of licensing agreements). The MSRP for them is 56,000 yen each that is approximately $652 each. I’m personally not too fussed about them being Japan only as I am not really a Touhou Project fan in general,(admittedly a Izayoi Sakuya DD would have probably caught my full attention) so I am safe from having to bend over backwards to attempt to get these particular dolls. If you want them I recommend going through a deputy service.


I’m glad I am safe as I have a feeling the competition for these guys is going to be fierce. I am very excited about the new bodies, depending how long they take to come out as a separate release I may decide to use the dollfie dream sister body for my custom Elda and Freya (Chii) twins customs, I had been planning on using 50cm obitsus.

Some additional pictures from the DD blog under the cut


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2 Responses to Touhou Project Dollfie Dreams announced or haha I’m safe for once

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    “Touhou Project Dollfie Dreams announced or haha I’m safe for once”
    lol, that made me smile. I’m pretty happy I happen to be fairly safe from all Touhou merchandise. Its probably saved me a lot of stress, both with the finances and getting a service to get the item for me.

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