Fairyland events are going to be the death of me (Pukifee Pong)

As I previously mentioned here, Fairyland had a summer event that ended on September 17th. As I had previously detailed I had originally planned on ordering Pong then maybe Luna. Luna had a temporary sales stop which made me realize I really did want her quite badly and made my plan shift gears. I was able to get Luna through Denverdoll, and was kind of left wondering whether or not I would be able to get Pong as well.
I actually did end up going back to Denverdoll, the day before the event ended to order Pong as well. The realist in me didn’t really want two dolls on layaway at the same time but they make such a cute pair how could I resist?
I would have been so heartbroken to have only been able to get one but the other as they are such a perfect pair.
Luna and Pong will be my 18th and 19th BJDs, I remember back in 1/2009 when I had just got my Littlefee Ante thinking that she would be one and only bjd love. I am going to try and make Luna and Pong my last two bjds of the year.

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1 Response to Fairyland events are going to be the death of me (Pukifee Pong)

  1. Nathan says:

    The mouth sculpt still freaks me out.

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