Fairyland Summer Event and oops might have ordered something ^^;

Fairyland recently announced some new bjds, I unfortunately didn’t find out them immediately (there was some treachery involved!).
New releases include:
Minifees Chloe and Tyr
Pukifees Luna and Pong
Pukipukis Ante and Cupid 3
For an extremely limited time they have brought back the Merpukis Loreley and Poseidon. Fairyland is also running a Summer Event to entice people to order.
I swear Fairyland was plotting against me with the release of Pukifee Luna and Pong, I had successfully been able to resist the siren call of pukifee even though there was release of my beloved Ante in that scale but then they had to break out the big guns and go Alice on me. My beloved Pong is the White Rabbit while the cutesy Luna is Alice.

My original intention had been to get Pong first and then get Luna, of course I happened to be browsing Fairyland’s site yesterday when I noticed that the Fullset Luna was sold out. I panicked but soon discovered Denverdoll still had Luna as a Fullset listed. I put in an order hoping that they still had some available and was delighted when I received an invoice for her this afternoon, she is now on layaway. I have not completely given up on Pong yet though, I am thinking about ordering her before the Summer event runs out on the 17th of the month if I can scrounge together the cash.
In related news- Pukipuki Ante Pink Rose Fullset tried to be delivered today, sadly I was working so now I have to wait until Tuesday to liberate her.

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