Asuka! Asuka! Asuka!

Evangelion is one of my favorite anime series, it makes me nostalgic every time every time I see it mentioned or hear about new figures being announced (which is pretty often O_o). Asuka is my favorite character from the series, she is one of my favorite anime characters period. I have dozens and dozens of figures of her, way more than I have of any other anime character.
Asuka and Eva Unit 2
I have a wide variety of figures of her in all sorts of different scales from 1/4 scale to super tiny.
Asuka and Eva Unit 2
For a long while I would buy every Asuka figure I could get my hands on, luckily my buying rate has slowed over the years after I ran out of room in the Geo Front. My Evangelion collection is so extensive it has it’s own hallway in my apartment that has been nicknamed the Geo Front.
I decided out of the blue today to photograph a few of my favorite Asuka figures. I haven’t been photographing figures as much lately in general so I thought Asuka might be a nice start.
My absolute favorite Asuka figure is my 1/4 scale Bome Asuka figure that a friend found for me languishing on in an anime store’s back shelves. It’s based on my favorite Asuka illustrations
How did that last picture get in there..

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8 Responses to Asuka! Asuka! Asuka!

  1. Wolfheinrich says:

    Nice showcase of Asuka, I have recently preordered the Alter version even though I hadn’t preorder pvc in ages! Oh and how did that last picture got in there? Looking strangely familiar to me!

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks ❤ I have significantly slowed in my figure preordering these days myself, I am just out of room (plus unlike the dolls the figures are pretty static, they just kind of sit there). I will admit this figure is tempting me though . Hopefully I will learn the error of my ways soon!

    • kleintoys says:

      She was released before I did my shopping online so I unfortunately missed out on her. I am kind of debating preordering her now but I have no idea where I would put her.

  2. sylvia says:

    hi i really like the Asuka in the yellow summer dress. I tried looking for it but just couldnt find it anywhere!! do you know where i can possibly find it? will you be willing to let it ?

    • kleintoys says:

      If you mean the one where she is standing and looking over her shoulder, it was a Hobby Japan exclusive a few years ago so it was not widely available. Mine is unfortunately not for sale, I got mine from Yahoo Japan Auctions and I think that would be your best bet for finding it.

  3. sylvia says:

    that is sad….i couldnt find it on yahoo japan auctions anymore. thanks anyway…

  4. sylvia says:

    well if there’s ever a remote chance you will let it go, please do contact me. i am finding this for someone important to me. thanks so much!

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