AniMadness store..yet again

I went to another pullip meet yesterday at Animadness, I love the store plus I haven’t been to a doll meet in quite some time so I was very excited about the meet. I wish they were closer to me so I could justify going there more often, as it is it’s about a three hour drive for me so a bit excessive to go there all the time but it is nice to go there for doll meets and do some shopping occasionally. It’s a store in semi-reasonable driving distance that stocks pullips, how is that not win? I will make a separate entry for the doll meet itself immediately following this one..

Speaking of their pullip selection, their new shipment did not arrive yet which made me kind of a sad panda. They did have a decent selection including many rares like Leprotto and Noir it’s kind of amazing to see NRFB Leprotto just chilling on the shelf especially considering all the hoops I had to jump through to find one for sale myself. The owners are incredibly accommodating, while they don’t have an online store you can email them if you are interested in the rare dolls they are very cool about stuff like that.
I was once again floored by their selection of anime goodies, I haven’t buying much anime stuff lately so it was a bit overwhelming to see all the goodies.
When I go back next month if she is still there, I am getting a Yui plush to cuddle with my Yui dollfie.
I have never seen so much gloomy bear in all my life!
They have dvds, I didn’t really look at them that closely though.
They even have pinky street, a collection of mine that I have been woefully neglecting! I am in the process of getting most if not all of them back out on display in my doll room though maybe that means I can start buying them again hmmm..
Lots of figmas and nendoroids, they still have some of the hard to find ones I am surprised no one has snatched them all up yet.
They have a bunch of figures…
Their display case, couple of things I really wanted out of there that I will have to go back for hopefully next month.
This wall of figures actually extends more unfortunately because we were still doll meeting during this pic I had to cut corners to keep people out of the shots. I basically just kind of got bored during the meet and started photographing the store not that I didn’t enjoy the meet I was just very much waiting for the swap to start at that point.
I wish I had more wall space
They seemed to have got a new shipment of Gundams in recently, I was quite impressed with their selection although it was a bit funny that someone actually got me to admit that I actually have more Gundam kits then them currently stored in my bedroom >_<

There are still parts of the store I have yet to photograph due to the confines of doing these photos at meets but I am really thinking about going back up next month to visit Requiemart and we will probably go to the store and have the place relatively to ourselves bwahahahaha!

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2 Responses to AniMadness store..yet again

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I really love seeing that it looks like they only carry official merchandise. A comic book store opened up near me and I went in very excited to look at all the anime plushes until I realized most were fakes 😦 I like that this store has a selection of some of my favorite prize figures.

    • kleintoys says:

      The only things I am not 100% positive are the wall scrolls and the cds. I didn’t take that close of a look at them so I honestly can’t say but all the figures/plushes etc are legitimate. The store really isn’t that large but they have a fairly good selection can’t wait to go back later this month (and bring back Nelliel).

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