PSA-Animadness Pullip Meet- August 22nd

There will be another pullip meet at the Animadness store in Waltham, MA on Sunday, August 22nd. The meet starts at 2pm and goes until whenever we have had our fill of dollies. The shop owners are very awesome to us doll collector’s, in addition to being a somewhat local source of dolls for us all they also host meets for us occasionally.  I believe this will be Animadness’ third pullip meet, I have previously attended two and will be attending this one barring any exigent circumstances.
Flyer made by esmereldes’
In addition to 10% off doll purchases, you will also get a free blindbox re-ment with the purchase of a doll. There will be three different photo set-ups at the store for pictures (school, beach and Alice in Wonderland) and there will be a swap meet (buy/sell/trade doll stuff). While it is primarily a pullip meet-up other dolls are welcome as well (I normally bring at least a bjd and a blythe along).
Here are some pictures from previous meet-ups at Animadness
63/365 Animadness Meet

Just a reminder, I am going to be out of town starting tomorrow until mid-next week and I will probably not have any internet access so replies will be extremely slow ^^

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2 Responses to PSA-Animadness Pullip Meet- August 22nd

  1. Anie says:

    I actually thought of trying to convince my husband that an 8 hour drive to MA would be an awesome idea. But he decided to plan a camping trip that weekend. haha.

    • kleintoys says:

      Sorry for late response I was away on vacation ^^; I am working on my own next year for puddle it’s only a 14 hour drive after all. We have driven extremely long distances for similar things before so I don’t think it would be that big of a deal.

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