Dollfie Shoot

I finally managed to take my dollfies out for a photo shoot today. I had been planning on taking them for over a week now but had been too busy. I’ve been collecting dollfies for almost a year and a half now (Kanu and Ryomou arrived on Valentine’s Day 2009) and now own 11 dollfie dreams in various sizes (1 MDD, 4 DDDY and 6 DD). I also have a number of Volks bjds but I tend to view them as their own collection with the exception of Suiseiseki and Hina Ichigo (Yuzuki will be included when she is complete).
Group shot
I was feeling slightly mischievous when setting up the photo today and decided to sneak some questionable action in ^_-
What's going on here?
Nothing like creating a little visual interest ^_-
Rin was getting a bit frisky with Erika as well :O I actually really like photographing the two of them together.
My intention had been to shoot everyone in the rose garden proper but the oppressive heat made me retreat to the shaded gazebo area.

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3 Responses to Dollfie Shoot

  1. mangopudding says:

    *drools* xD

    I like how they all fit perfectly on the steps ! They looks comfortable x3

    I’ve been coming to your site here and there and you’ve finally got me into dollfies x3 I read your FAQ about how to start (yes it’s helpful for once, one less person pestering you about where to get them or begging you to sell !), and it’s really helpful! Thanks a ton ~ But before I get to it, could you recommend some trusty Bidding Agencies for Yahoo auction and the like? Preferably ones that you’ve dealed with, of course~ I would be really grateful, thanks :3

    • kleintoys says:

      Hiya sorry for late response crazy last couple of days.

      Thank you so much ❤

      When I first started collecting I was getting four or five emails a day and most people were kind of under the impression oh they must only be $100 or so, you have to be realistic about expectations. I have used Shoppingmalljapan and Japan-to-door with great success, I used to use SMJ for everything but more recently I have been doing a lot of my business with Japan-to-door without any issues.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    I use Shopping Mall Japan as well. Although I don’t own any DD’s…at least not yet. There is a possibility I may enter a lottery at some point in the future.

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