365 Doll Project Part 6

You all should know the drill by now, I’m currently doing a 365 doll project. For the project I am basically photographing a different doll each day and sharing their profiles as well. I had a couple of new arrivals this week including Captain Hook and a somewhat customized Venus. I’ve been really bad about giving into impulses lately ^^;
I am really going to try and be strict about doll diet for a while, I was bad very bad. I am going to not try and talk about the elephant in the room, namely the doll in a polar bear suit that is in the mail. I have a Papin in the mail, I had intended to space out their purchases more unfortunately Papin’s price started to climb a bit so I thought it prudent to act now. I also have two gift dolls in the mail, I am not entirely sure who they are, I do know they are pullips but that is about it. Tracking says they should be here today.

30/365 Josie
Model-Pullip- Summer Purezza
Name- Josie
Mods- None
Bio- Josie is the youngest of a set of quadruplets. Josie loves sports, especially swimming. She is on the swim team and has hopes of maybe someday making it to the Olympics. She spends almost all of her free time at the beach or in the pool. She is still in high school but does work part-time as a model of swimwear.

As much as she loves to swim she has an illogical fear of fish, she absolutely can not stand it if she accidentally brushes up against one in the water she just can’t stand the feel of them.

31/365 Laszlo the Red
Model-Taeyang- Captain Hook
Name- Laszlo the Red
Mods- None
Bio- The incredibly vain former captain of the Jolly Roger. His vanity led to his defeat at the hands of the ruthless pirate Veritas. Rather than slay her conquered enemies Veritas decided to give them the choice of joining her or death, Laszlo decided that he would like to save his gorgeous self and eagerly joined up with Veritas crew.

He is now very much of a low rank crew member, he has attempted to seduce Veritas in hopes of rising through the ranks to a more respectable rate. Unfortunately for him Captain Veritas is more interested in the fairer sex and is uninterested in him entirely.

32/365- Invidia
Model-Pullip Venus
Name- Invidia
Mods- Rewigged, rechipped & lips repainted
Bio- Invidia is a a loyal follower of the demoness Azreal. She was once a normal person, but now she is something more Azreal has made her the embodiment of envy. Wherever she goes she brings discontent, she drives people into feverish frenzies where they try to take what it is that envy most. She encourages people to go after what they envy no matter what the cost, feeding off of all the negative energy and becoming more powerful. There is envy in every man’s heart so she has grown quite powerful.

33/365- Dietrich
Model-Taeyang Jade
Name- Dietrich
Mods- None
Bio- Dietrich is a military man. He had a very strict upbringing and is generally a very uptight and organized person. One day he was standing guard when a bunch of noise came over the radio and the voice on the other end claimed to be the last survivor of an attack, everyone else in his squad had been killed. He went to see if there were any other survivors, sadly everyone died even the man who had contacted him via radio had succumbed to his injuries. He was somewhat unsure of what his next action should be while weighing his options. he found a strange girl in the rubble. Although he wasn’t quite sure how she had got there he assumed she had somehow survived the slaughter through some miracle, not realizing that Lorelei herself had been the one behind the carnage. Rather than kill him, Lorelei waited to see what he would do and when he tended to her injuries she decided not to kill him against her orders to leave no survivors. Lorelei was cast out of the rainbow mafia for disobeying her orders but still occasionally assists them in dire situations. Since she was cast out of the rainbow mafia, she decided to latch unto the noble Deitrich.

While he remains oblivious to Lorelei’s true murderous nature, he remains by her side. He likes to take care of her and be a steady influence on her chaotic personality. Instead of his life being quite organized now he is learning that chaos Lorelei seems to permeate can be quite fun as well. He is somewhat petrified of the idea of marriage that Lorelei keeps bringing up…

34/365 Lorelei
Model- Pullip Lorelei
Name- Lorelei
Mods- Rewigged
Bio- Lorelei was part of the mysterious rainbow mafia. She is quite skilled with guns as well as unarmed combat which earned her the nickname the pretty death squad . She is completely merciless and cut-throat, she often bumped heads with other members of the rainbow mafia because she did not really care about how much collateral damage she caused while on mission. She is not really able to connect with people at all so she doesn’t really care about others well-being, she probably would not even care about the other members of the mafia if not for the fat paychecks they give her. She seems Clementine as an idealist that doesn’t really understand that life and death are meaningless. She uses her innocent and cute appearance to get close to unsuspecting people before springing one of her deathtraps.

The one time the rainbow mafia fully needed her outright blood thirst on a mission, she spited them by leaving a single survivor. She quickly became quite attached to the survivor Dietrich much to his chagrin. When she was cast out of the mafia for disobeying orders she decided that she might like to settle down with Dietrich. Dietrich is unaware of her true nature, he is fond of her but not how much of an overwhelming/aggressive personality she has. She recently told him that they were going to be married and that she would be expecting her engagement ring posthaste.

While she has been officially cast out of the rainbow mafia, she does still occasionally assist with some of the dirtier work that her skills would be useful for.

35/365- Faewyn
Model- Pullip Brand New Purezza
Name- Faewyn
Mods- Custom by Papermoonpixie
Bio- Faewyn, exists in a dream-like world with the rest of her elven kind. Some perceptive people can actually see the elves in their dreams but most people remain unaware of their very existence. Faewyn is the leader of the elves, she is fairly strict to her subordinates but is also fair. She just wants the best for everyone. For many years, she preached that elves should not associate with humans after getting her heart broken by a pirate. She didn’t want anyone else to suffer the heartache that she did when they were inevitably separated. More recently she has somewhat softened her stance on mixing with humans, it may have something to do with her recently meeting a young human girl named Olivia.

36/365- Sendo Erika
Model- Dollfie Dream- Sendo Erika
Name- Erika
Mods- None
Bio- Erika is very stubborn, once she sets her mind to something nothing will stop her until she gets her way. She is intensely curious about everything. She is actually a vampire but manages to suppress her vampiric urges for the most part. She remains popular and well-liked despite the fact that she is a vampire.

Erika and Rin are the very best of friends, they feel they counterbalance each other perfectly. She is also friendly with Estel and Feena. Erika is somewhat fearful of the diminutive Illya and tries to avoid her as best she can. Yue always manages to make her smile but Suzumiya is way too bossy so Erika does her best to avoid the pair of them as they are always together.

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2 Responses to 365 Doll Project Part 6

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I really like the black haired beauty in the first image.

    • kleintoys says:

      That’s actually one of my Lala’s she is on an obitsu and has a new wig, it’s amazing how different she looks than from her stock form with just a few simple changes.

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