Pullip Lunatic Alice Series

The October pullip and company releases have been announced. Jun Planning/Groove has always been rather fond of Alice in Wonderland, I am a fan myself so I can’t say I blame them. Jun Planning started with the Fantastic Alice pullip release way back in 2004, swiftly followed by the little pullip Alice pink and blue. Back in 2007, a limited Golden/Another Alice set of dolls were released including Another Alice, Another King, Another Queen, Another Card Soldier and Another Clock Rabbit. Over the past year a host of new mini pullips/dals have also been released including a new version of mini Alice, Dormouse, Card Soldier, Queen of Hearts, Humpty Dumpty, March Hare, Cheshire Cat,Clock Rabbit and Mad Hatter. While I am ecstatic they are releasing even more Alice-themed dolls I am somewhat disappointed that Groove seems to be neglecting the opportunity to move beyond Alice herself and give us a Cheshire or Dormouse pullip.

Pullip is the lunatic queen
Words can not adequately define my feelings towards her, she is the most excited I have been since an upcoming release since Kirakishou. She is perfectly quirky with her heart eyes counteracting her dark image. I love the juxtaposition of the soft and hard, she has a leather(like) top with a long skirt that is structured by crinoline.
I can not wait to get her in my hands, I am already so very much in love with her.

The Taeyang is the White Rabbit.
I am actually kind of mad about him in a way, there were some seriously awesome pictures of a Mad Hatter taeyang floating around that I think I would have preferred. He is pretty awesome looking, I almost see him becoming my Laplace Demon rather than another member of my Alice crew.. His eye piece is kind of intriguing but Eos’ fell apart after a day, I don’t expect this one will be much better :/

The dal is actually the titular Alice this time around. I am actually kind of glad she is a dal rather than a pullip, Jp/Groove has already released two pullip Alices and I have five different interpretations of the character in pullip form.
I happen to think she is pretty cute, I love her color scheme. I love her eye patch and her outfit although after the Eos debacle (mine’s stock disintegrated over the course of a few days) I am cautiously wondering what the quality of the stock is going to be like.

The byul is Humpty Dumpty, who appeared in Through the Looking Glass.
If not for the egg on her face (err head) I probably honestly would not have guessed that this was supposed to be Humpty Dumpty. The stock is a bit odd, something about it just bothers me maybe because it makes her look kind of pudgy. I like that they made another slightly darker in theme byul that isn’t as freak-ish as Lilith but still a bit menacing.

Honestly I am probably getting the whole set, byul and all. Worse yet, I don’t think I am quite done with my Alice collection even after these releases… twin byuls would make excellent Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (they are supposed to be groteque).. then there is Dormouse….I don’t yet have a proper March Hare….
My entire Alice crew
This picture was taken a long time ago, I need to take another with the entire crew soon it’s scary how much it grew..

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1 Response to Pullip Lunatic Alice Series

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    A bit off topic but I REALLY like the Opera Pink Cat Set that seems to be for DD’s. Seems like everyone in the doll world is suddenly embracing Alice In Wonderland all at once. Not that I can blame them, you can do a lot of things with the character designs!

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