New DD?!

Here I was thinking that Sakura, would be my 11th dollfie dream little did I realize another would show up and trump her claim to that honor. Earlier in the year I had made a wish list expecting that if I was lucky I might get two or three of the bigger dolls this year and maybe one of the blythes, about six months later and I now have one of the blythes and eight of the other dolls ~ I am still in shock. Of course my new arrival was one of those dolls on the wish list… I never can quite grasp how quickly my dolly family expands although I have actually sat down and done the math before and figured out that I average a new pullip every 3.6 days it is still mindboggling to me.

So who did I get?
What's this a new DD

It’s Sendo Erika from Fortune Arterial. Fortune Arterial was originally an Eroge game and henceforth become a serialized manga, radio drama and series of erotic light novels. Sendo Erika is one of the main characters and is a vampire,  of course my thought process is that if she is a vampire then perhaps if I was a guy I would not her performing certain activities on me… with fangs and all it just doesn’t seem that desirable but google image search  has proved that at least the protagonist in the game is willing to throw caution to the wind.
I still haven’t taken her out for a proper shoot, I am hoping to tomorrow. I have the day off, if I get really ambitious I may even try to take a new dollfie family photo. I’m really getting too many dolls to want to cart around to a central location for photos though :/

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2 Responses to New DD?!

  1. Wolfheinrich says:

    Very nice you decided to take Erika home! Who’s next I wonder? You already have Feena, Estel and Erika…

    • kleintoys says:

      Sakura is shipping from Volks next month, not sure who would be the next one. I am planning on a custom set of twins soon though…

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