365 Doll Project Part 4

Why yes this week’s post is almost a week late, and I have other stuff to blog besides including a very wonderful surprise that arrived earlier in the week but more on that later. As I mentioned recently, I am in the process of ripping my apartment apart again. I think this will be the final attempt at sanity in this apartment, I have beyond outgrown it but the only thing I hate more than being overcrowded is packing this amount of stuff up for a move T_T. The last three days I have been working feverishly at my doll room, pictures should be forthcoming next week-ish.

I decided to make monthly collages for this as well so here are all of June’s dolls…
365 Doll Project- June 2010
The last few weeks have been somewhat interesting doll-wise for me. I did two trades, my Spring Purezza went for an Oren and I traded my second Tweety for a byul. I went a bit nutty buying dolls lately ^^; . Plus three of my dolls are out on loan to one friend, another is going in the mail tomorrow for another friend and I have one of my friend’s dolls here.

I’ve also been toying with playline dolls a bit, I now own two Monster High dolls and a Bitty Buttons. Normally I stalk the toy aisles in hopes of Joker figures or littlest pet shop toys, the actual buying and not just for stripping of dolls is kind of disturbing to me.
Bitty Buttons

16/365- Darling Daphne
Model- Blythe- Friendly Freckles
Name- Darling Daphne
Mods- Blush removed
Bio- Daphne is a romance novel writer. She is a true romantic at heart, almost obsessed with being in love even though she herself has never fallen in love herself.

17/365- Jack
Model- Taeyang- Arion
Name- Jack
Mods- None
Bio- Jack is another follower of Anarchy’s although he has been offered the role of Loki (Anarchy can never remember her lover’s names so they are called Loki) he always rejects the role instead choosing to serve as her adviser. He serves as the voice of reason compared to Anarchy’s madness. He does not take things as seriously as most of his cohorts, he is a lot more laid back than them as he is able to keep things in perspective. While he is not as quick to commit random acts of violence as some of the other members of Anarchy’s group he does believe in chivalry and will protect women/girls should the need arise with great vigor. He will even turn against members of his own group if they attempt to harm women. He saved Valhalla from some of his cohorts who had planned on kidnapping her and ransoming her off, she developed somewhat of a school girl crush on him. He is rather fond of Valhalla himself but recognizes that their age difference is problematic, he has vowed to wait for her and to always protect her no matter what.

18/365- Loki the 4th
Name- Loki
Mods- None
Bio- Loki is the title Anarchy gives all of her lovers, their real names are inconsequential. This Loki is the fourth overall person to be given the title but the first male. The details of his life before meeting Anarchy are mostly unremarkable, he enjoyed skateboarding and occasionally found work as a model but most of the time he lived the unglamorous life a waiter. He had a chance encounter with Anarchy and she was immediately taken with him. Anarchy immediately dismissed the previous Loki and focused all of her energies on forcing him to become Loki. Anarchy basically injected herself into his life like a virus, she convinced him that he was in love with her and that he should serve her as her consort. He was initially overwhelmed by her advances but eventually fell into line especially after he found out what happened to his predecessors.

19/365- Artic Annie
Name- Artic Annie
Mods- None
Bio- Arctic Annie works on a research station in the Antarctic. She studies the breeding habits of the emperor penguins. When she not working on her research she enjoys frolicking in the snow and a curling up with a good book by the fire.

20/365- Nicholas
Name- Nicholas
Mods- None
Bio- Nicholas works for Detective Shinku, due to her current limitations he is the public face of their private detective agency. He does most of the legwork but Dt. Shinku is the brains behind the organization. Nicholas is a bit of a bumbler but his heart is in the right place. He really cares about the clients of the agency and sticks to a strict code of ethics (ie. he won’t sell out clients to Scandal no matter how much she offers him for scoops!).

He is very much in love with Dt. Shinku unfortunately he is unable to consummate his love for her even though she returns his feelings.

21/365- Jocelyn
Model-Pullip- Marianne
Name- Jocelyn
Mods- None (technically she is rewigged in another Marianne wig but it’s still a stock Marianne wig so umm yeah :/ )
Bio- Jocelyn was unfortunately born to the wrong time as a result she is a historical reenactor. She is obsessed with the Victorian era, she spends most of her spare time as a reenactor ironically she buys all her Victorian dresses and accessories online. No matter how much she loves the Victorian era she is still a modern girl at heart.

22/365- Mint
Model-Dal- Cinnamoroll
Name- Mint
Mods- None
Bio- Mint and her twin sister Blu are both otaku despite the fact that they both eat, sleep and breath anime/anime culture they express their interest in different ways. Blu more quietly collects anime figures and runs a popular anime blog while Mint here, is much more open about her hobby. Mint especially loves to cosplay, to her there is no better way to show that she loves anime. She takes great pride in making her own elaborate cosplay outfits. She prefers magical girl animes like Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura so most of her cosplay outfits are based on their designs.

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