175/365- VolksUSA Lottery Results..

About two weeks ago VolksUSA had an entry period for a lottery for Dolls Party 23 limited items. The results were supposed to be out on the 14th, but were delayed a few days causing much angst in the Volks dolls collecting community as well people were getting extremely anxious waiting for the results….especially for some of us who had felt the urge to cull some of their blythes in order to be ready to fund such an expedenture especially considering I had just got Yui in the beginning of the month.
This afternoon I unexpectedly got an email from VolksUSA, after no email on Friday I started to get a bit worried but since no one else had really posted that “I won a doll” I figured there was still a chance I would get the doll I was after. When Saturday rolled around and still no email I figured, perhaps Volks was not open on the weekend and that I would find out either way on Monday if the anticipation did not kill me in the meantime. There was one further complication, I ordered two things and I ordered them seperately. I was really unsure if I was going to be able to raise the neccesary funds for Sakura (I just paid for DD Yui and car repairs) so I kind of had some help which meant that the doll’s confirmation email wasn’t even going directly to me so I was kind of waiting around to hear from them to see if they got an email ^^;. Turns out I was kind of worried for nothing as funding seems to be coming together without any issue now…This afternoon, I got an email letting me know that I had at least won the outfit set within about two minutes I got a second email. The second email was a forwarded email from Volks letting me know that I had won the doll as well.

Now comes the really, really hard part waiting until August for my stuff to actually arrive X_X So who/what is coming in August?…..
Coming in August 2010..
Sakura Dollfie Dream- While Illya has always been my favorite character from Fate/Stay Night, Sakura has never really been that far behind her. I had at one point been considering making a custom Sakura DD as I had kind of given up hope on Volks making one themselves (Volks if you are listening please make my other dream Fate/Stay Night DD Rider as well kay?pleasethanxbye). I am extremely pleased with Sakura in dollfie form, I was really excited to see some owner pictures of her from people who were actually lucky enough to get her at the dollpa she just looks really lovely. She will join my Illya and my Rin DD, I don’t have a Saber yet but I am thinking eventually I will probably have to get one now ^^; Maybe Volks will release a Saber Lily DD for me ^_-
Coming in August 2010..
Sakura Transformation Set- I have always loved Dark Sakura, I was thrilled when I seen that Volks was releasing a set (clothes/wigs/eyes) so Sakura could be transformed into Dark Sakura. I was kind of torn because I love Sakura and I love Dark Sakura and well two sets of DD twins might be excessive (plus VolksUSA only lets you enter once per doll). Additional considerations while rewigging a DD is easy, changing the eyes out can be somewhat troublesome.. I asked resident doll god Requiemart for advice and she assured me that one of the blank DD heads I have laying around could very well have an identical face up as Sakura, or could be made into an even more badass version of Dark Sakura..

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3 Responses to 175/365- VolksUSA Lottery Results..

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    DD Sakura is awesome, I was really won by the transformation set! I can’t wait to see your pictures when she arrives.

    Also, oh man, a DD Rider? Be still my heart! If there was going to be a DD Rider or Saber Lily I really think I would try to get one of the two.

    • kleintoys says:

      I am very excited about her and can’t wait to photograph her.

      DD Rider is still highly theoretical, I have seen a few customs of her that looked incredible. There are rumors that Rider will eventually get released…

      • lovelyduckie says:

        Since they’ve done so much of the cast I’d be surprised if they skipped Rider. BUT I shouldn’t count my chickens before they’ve hatched. BUT if they did do a Rider DD that newly announced Lilac Frill Train Set might look really good on her. Either that of the purple would be overwhelming…couldn’t say for sure

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