174/365 – Pukipukis and progress report on Chobits Yuzuki BJD

I’m skipping a day to get caught up quicker, while my internet connection is now fixed firefox is now vexing me and shutting itself off periodically. Yesterday, I took my tiny bjd pukipukis out for a photoshoot together.
I just adore the little cuties, they are so tiny and adorable how could not one smile when they look at them? Of course bonus points are awarded because I can still fit all four inside of my purse with ease. I love small/compact things probably because I myself am pretty small at 4’10 but I seriously do have a weakness for tiny cute things like pukipukis or rement.. They are so small I normally transport them in cheap hello kitty eyeglass cases for photoshoots. I was going to stop at three but I ended up getting a fourth, I may eventually get more but I am pretty happy with my crew as is.
My Bratty Little Princess
The newest member of my pukipuki crew is the bratty little Princess. As I said before my plan was always to get three and name them after the powerpuff girls but I kind of faltered in the face of the last Fairyland event and decided that one more couldn’t hurt especially since I had just fallen head over heels for this little brat.

Now unto one of my slightly larger bjds..
I got my Super Dollfie Mimi back from Requiemart last week during our meet but she was not entirely photogetic as she still lacks a wig and eyes as well as her stock. I decided to borrow a wig from one of my pullips and the eyes from one of my other bjds so I could get some updated pics of her. She is eventually going to be Yuzuki from Chobits. I really love her new face up, it was intentionally done to resemble the official Volks Super Dollfie Chii, on the offchance I ever get her they will share some similarities and look like they at least come from the same series.
I can’t wait until she is complete ^_^

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