176/365- Littlefee Leah (Natasha)

Well, first in semi-important news comcast got off their asses and rewired my building so I have the internet! It’s no longer in random frustrating intervals, it like works all the time now. I don’t think I can properly express how awesome this is because the last almost two months have been filled with intermittant internet fail X_X

I am not sure what it is about the Littlefees/Yo-SD sized bjds that really fascinated me so much, they consistantly are the bjds I enjoy playing with/photographing the most. They just seem to be the perfect size for me. The Littlefees especially for whatever reason seem to love getting in front of the camera. My Littlefee Leah, whom I have named Natasha fullset is my newest Yo-SD sized bjd and well I love her…
I chose Leah for a couple of reasons.. I really adore Littlefee Ante and they have released a few different sets of her now but while I love her I wanted something different and Leah is similiar to Ante but also different so she gave me a little variety. I also used to be a ballet dancer in my youth so I think that probably attracted me to her as well.
I was kind of stuck on a name, I was watching Dark Knight so I ended up naming her after the prima ballerina that Bruce Wayne dates briefly before running off with the whole damn ballet troup. It really does seem to fit her though, although now I secretly want the Nutcracker Piki so I can name him Boris X_X
I love how beautifully Littlefees pose, they are very graceful.
I know I eventually want more Littlefees but I am kind of torn as to who I would actually want as my next….

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