Month in review- February and Looking forward to March

A few days late but better late than never.
For such a short month February seen a lot of new dolls arrivals and comics, as well as some figures. I am still kind of in shock that I had three new bjd arrivals in the month of February, especially since one of them Suiseiseki was my grail doll that I though I would never be able to get. I did manage to catch back up with collecting all of the pullips/dals as I had fallen behind with Elisabeth’s release, I did pick up a few other dolls as well including the long awaited Papette (dal Papin) who exceeded even my hopes for being utterly adorable.

My goal for the month of March is to calm down a bit in spending, I spent way too much in January and again in February. On the positive side I actually decided to cancel all of my current Dollfie Dream preorders to make room for hopefully getting a K-On dollfie dream instead, the White Album dollfies were nice but I felt I didn’t really need them. I might pick up Rina up at a later date and time I really don’t know though, I am at the point where I really have to love something that large to allow it to come into the apartment as space is a serious issue at this point, there is simply no more room without shoving more stuff into storage ^^; .

No worries about my having nothing important to talk about in March as there is still a lot of stuff I haven’t opened yet and there is still a lot of stuff to in March…
– Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon DVD Season 1 Box 1- you may remember this from last months list well it is really taking it’s time getting here by SAL X_X
– Blythe Cassiopeia Spice- again really taking her time via SAL
To Heart- Ilfa Figure– I had been wanting this figure for years HLJ sale finally made me pull the trigger and actually order her
Gurren Lagann- Nia swimsuit figure by Sega Prize
Gurren Lagann- Yoko swimsuit figure by Sega Prize
Fate Stay/Night- Saber bikini figure by Griffon Enterprises
Vocaloid- Miku Nendoroid Plus Plush
Little Dal- Soldier of Cards
Akikan!- Melon- Megahouse
Street Pullip
-Pinky Street- King of Fighters – 2P Mai LE- Finally! It took me forever to track this figure down
Lucky Star x Macross- Mikyuki x Shirley Figure
Lucky Star x Macross Konata x Alto Figure
Vocaloid- Miku Snow Wonder Fest Figure
– My birthday! I turn 26 years old this month.
I am also hoping to track down the Kagami as Klan figure and the Raspberyl nendoroid. So even though I may not be buying a lot this month a lot of stuff should be arriving this month.

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