100/365- Hope & Charity Custom Dals

After some mild frustration with the post office (they were insisting upon my having the pick-up slip which I never got) I finally brought my two little cutie pies home today. I had seen these delightful little darlings on Dolly Market a few weeks back and didn’t have all the money for them when they popped up but I contacted the owner who was rather adamant that two not be split be up and asked if she would hold them for me until my paycheck came and she agreed.
They are so adorable together, I don’t have the heart to separate them at all not even for photos so the two will always be pictured as a pair. Charity is the lighter skinned of the two and was formerly a Fiori that has been rechipped/rewigged and given freckles. Hope is an Another Solder Rabbit that has been rewigged and has added freckles.
Hope & Charity
I do consider them to be twins although it does appear they may be brothers from another mother so to speak (or sisters from another mister but that doesn’t sound as good).
Hope & Charity

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