101/365- Lucky Star- Konata Mama Chapp

Only one day behind this time ^^; My Lucky Star Mama Chapp finally arrived in the mail yesterday. I have had a Tsukasa for almost a year now, I actually got her for my birthday last year I had been wanting another one for quite a while but whenever I looked none of the ones I had really wanted were up on Yahoo Japan at the time. Finally I found a reasonably priced Konata not realizing she came in her summer uniform versus her winter school uniform so she doesn’t match my Tsukasa but I am still super excited to finally have her. I think I did pretty well price-wise paying just slightly over MSRP for her before fees etc.
101/365 Konata
She is downright adorable, Konata is my favorite character from Lucky Star. When/if I get another I think I am going to go for Kagami to match Tsukasa. I had actually bid on a Kagami way back around Christmas time but I lost the auction unfortunately.
Lucky Star Mama Chapps
True to the anime, Konata is actually slightly shorter than Tsukasa. Konata’s lower legs are slightly shorter than Tsukasa’s and that is what makes the difference.
Picture 2558
More pictures coming soon…

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2 Responses to 101/365- Lucky Star- Konata Mama Chapp

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    She doesn’y match but I think Konata looks really good in her summer uniform. It matches her blue hair well.

  2. Josh says:

    Awesome i just ordered my Kagami mamachapp doll i wish i had Konata XDD

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