January review and looking forward

As January has officially come to an end, I decided to reflect back on the month. For those wondering where yesterday’s picture of the day post is I decided not to blog it, the picture is on flickr wasn’t pleased with how it turned out so I didn’t bother blogging it.

I got a lot of stuff in January from left to right starting in the top row-
1. Custom pullip unzombuki Cheshire
2. Dal Ende and friends (none of which are staying as two are going to requiemart and I am trying to trade the other)
3.  Hestia Ribon (1st version)
4. Trigger Heart Excelica Figure, Pullip Rei, To Heart DD outfit & Gunslinger Girl Pinky Street
5. Real world haul
6. Pullips Nahh-ato and Paja, Melancholy of Suzumiya LE figma
7. Volks- SD13- Nana
8. Tonner Harley Quinn Doll
9.  Fairyland- Puki Puki- Pongpong- Bubbles
10. Custom Pullip Tiger Lily
11. Various sega prize figures and Illya MDD
12. Custom Pullip Zell

Even though Illya and SD13 Nana were gifts, I still feel I spent way too much on hobbies this past month especially on dolls I know that may not necessarily be apparent yet but I am still waiting on a number of things.

Inbound items ie. stuff to look forward to in February As I said before I did a lot of splurging in January most of it still hasn’t even arrived yet.
Anime related stuff
– Gurren Lagann- Yoko Maid Figure by Sega Prize
– Gurren Lagann- Nia Maid Figure by Sega Prize
– Gurren Lagann- Lagann Hen- LE (Region 2) DVD
– K-on!- Mio Akiyama Nendoroid by Good Smile Company
– Lucky Star x Macross- Tsukasa cosplaying Ranka Lee Figure
– Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon- Season 1 Volume 1 (Region 2) DVD
– Vocaloid- Miku mini figure by Sega Prize
– Vocaloid- Rin Plush
– Vocaloid- Len Plush
– Vocaloid- Miku Plush
– Vocaloid- Miku Figma WF 2009 Exclusive by Max Factory

– BJD- Volks- Yo-SD- Lillie
– BJD- Fairyland- Little Fee- Bisou Bear (Girl) Full Set
– Blythe- Cassiopeia Spice
– Dal- Papette (Custom dal of pullip Papin)

Goals-for Feb
– Start layaway at least for BJD Fairyland- Little Fee- Leah Full Set preferably for her hopefully Fairyland- Puki Puki Cupid 2 as well so I can get the event mini-fee breakaway head I am currently lusting over.
– Start picking up the rest of the Lucky Star x Macross figures, when I can find them on the cheap and as funds allow (lots of bills this month, car needs new brakes etc.)
– Make pilgrimage to Animadness, so I can buy Elisabeth pullip as well as a couple of other things that caught my eye when I was there for the pullip meet like those Gurren Lagann- Yoko pillows (^_-)
– Get caught up with photographing newer stuff, I still have some stuff from before Christmas that hasn’t even been deboxed and lots of the newer dolls haven’t been photographed yet either (Cheshire is a camera whore apparently).
– Spend less in general this month, especially on dolls though (spending was ridiculous last month)

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