70/365- Sunshine Holiday Blythe and some thoughts on Blythe

It was all of 12 degrees out yesterday so I was trying to think warm thoughts and decided to do another beach photo, this time of one of my blythes. Yesterday’s picture of the day is  Summer Breeze,  my Sunshine Holiday.
70/365- Summer Breeze
I have been collecting blythes for just about a year now. I am still trying to stick to my goal of only owning twenty six ideally each one’s name would start with a different letter of the alphabet. I now own fifteen blythes and I just bought another yesterday, to my credit I have been pretty good about periodically thinning the ranks and have actually sold or traded an additional seven blythes. To be honest, I don’t really play with my blythes all that much I just like having them; I don’t photograph them as much as the pullips and I tend not to get as emotionally attached to them (I have a much easier time selling/trading them than pullip).  There are a lot of blythes that I really like but I really want to keep my overall number down and manageable while still having a nice selection of girls.

I just bought Cassiopeia Spice via HLJ a few days ago, I had always liked her but I thought I had missed the preorder period but for once HLJ didn’t sell out immediately so I was able to order one from their site. I am hoping to preorder Simply Guava and Simply Mango when they go on HLJ or Hobbysearch. That will put me up to nineteen blythes and I am still hoping to get a Ribonetta Wish eventually, oh dear!

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4 Responses to 70/365- Sunshine Holiday Blythe and some thoughts on Blythe

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Don’t hit 26 too soon! You never know what amazing dollie will come out later 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      I periodically thin their numbers to make room for newer ones as I fall in love, there is a Hello Kitty blythe I would adore that is out right now but she goes for almost $400 not sure if I can justify quite that much for a blythe.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        She is adorable, but $400? Is it because of the Hello Kitty theme? Because I must say I prefer your lovely can can Blythe (not sure if that’s her real product name)

    • kleintoys says:

      Yeah, I know it is a bit extreme I prefer to keep blythe cost per each under $200 luckily they accrue value like crazy. She is limited to 3000. I still love my Cancan Cat to bits I haven’t taken any photos of her in ages though ^^;

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