34/365- A very merry Christmas <3

Merry Christmas everyone 😀

Today’s picture is of my Christmas haul, Santa was pretty good to me this year.

Close up of the haul
The haul
3 Pullips: Aya, Happy Birthday Pullip 2 and Street
1 Dal: Sakura
1 each mini Pullip- Maritime and mini Dal- Pink Alice
1 Blythe: Punkaholic People
3 Anime Figures: Chobits Chii Figure by Lilics Limited Edition Version, Gurren Lagann Yoko Figure by Kotobukiya and Evangelion Rei 1/4 Scale by Aizu Project
1 DX Hot Toys Joker
Tekken 6 Special Edition with Joystick
Watchmen Complete Story Special Edition Blu-ray and Rorschach Figure
and a bunch of little Nadesico kits because I love me some Nadesico ^^;

Also not pictured here but I received enough gift cards to Denver Doll to pay off my Puki Pong Pong who is currently on layaway.

:goes back to trying to figure out how to assemble the Dora kitchen playset ^^; :

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5 Responses to 34/365- A very merry Christmas <3

  1. Shiddo says:

    Tekken ^^ Nice xD I got my self PS3 with Tekken 6 2 days ago as well ^^
    You even got special game panel ^^ Pro at Tekken? ^^

    Would like to play some games (thru I am not sure how PSN works yet), it’s proly limited on continents so EU cant vs. Americans or Asians right? (would prolly lag anyway)

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks ❤ I have enjoyed Tekken since Tekken 1 was in arcades I am a decent enough player I think or at least frustrating enough that none of my friends/relatives stand a chance against me.

      I don't play online all that much, but I think the network is worldwide not positive on that though.

      • Shiddo says:

        I started with 5:DR cuz of Asuka :3 When I saw that girl in school uniform I knew, that I have to give Tekken series a try. And it rly cought me ^^ And I play mainly her.
        Tried Lili but only on PSP and now with T6 learned Alisa a bit xD Mecha musume is rly funny ^^

        What chars you play or prefer?

        I am amateur. Only started vs. ppl and some are rly easy but others are godlike xD

        Yeah discovered today. Even in Tekken lobby you can widen search on continents etc so its worldwide.

        If you want we could exchange PSN and play few games. Unless it shows some terrible ping in lobby ^^

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    You have Pink Street in your tree? It looks great, I really love it. Also I’m jealous you have a partner that has the knowledge needed to buy you the right figures and dolls for your hobby.

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