35/365- Chobits- LE and standard Chii(s) by Lilics

I love Chobits, I am a big fan of Clamp’s work in general but the Chobits manga (one of the few cases where I prefer the manga to the anime) is my favorite of all of their works. I utterly adore Chii, I was kind of disappointed there were never that many figures of her out there I did manage to acquire a good chunk of all the merchandise though I’ve got everything from the poster box to the Sumomo tape and the drinking glasses. I had always wanted the Wonder Festival exclusive version of the Lilics figure of Chii, when it was hinted to me before Christmas that one of my gifts would be 1. Limited and 2. Pink I didn’t realize that had been meant I would be getting one of my grail figures from Santa this year. I very vividly remember bidding and losing on this figure years ago, finally giving up when the auction was north of the $300 mark.

Today’s picture of the day features both the limited version and the regular release of the Art Storm/ Lilics Chii figure. I liked how they looked together so I could resist snapping a few pictures, I had a hard time choosing whether I liked the picture I ended up choosing or this one better…
Chobits figures
So I decided to post them both.

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2 Responses to 35/365- Chobits- LE and standard Chii(s) by Lilics

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Wonder Festival exclusive version of the Lilics figure of Chii

    I had no idea that even existed! They look great together GRATS!

    • kleintoys says:

      While I knew she was released as I had seen her pop on eBay and Yahoo Japan a few times, finding information on her was an absolute nightmare. I don’t think I ever even found owner photos of her before. It drove me mad off and on for years, knowing she existed but rarely finding her for sale and no information. I am so happy to finally have her. Thanks ❤

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