32/365- Oh Christmas Pinky.. oh Christmas Pinky

I think it’s official that I am insane. A few weeks ago, I was lamenting that my Pinky Street collection has been boxed up now for the better part of six months as I simply have no place to display them at the same time I was kind of wondering what I would do for Christmas decorations this year… Little did I know that all those years of pinky collecting would lead up to this which also indirectly means I spent over $1k on tree decorations..
Picture 1326
The official picture of the day
This is still ideally supposed to be a picture a day but well this idea took a lot of time and effort, plus I personally think it is pretty epic so I will share some additional pictures.
Front view of the tree
I have almost a complete collection of pinky street, I think I am missing eight now.
Oh Christmas pinky....
In addition to traditional ornaments there are a few other little things on the tree that I sneaked on like the Galaxy Angel Mint mini plush.
Picture 1305

Picture 1317

Picture 1320
Regardless of rarity they pretty much all went on the tree. I actually have an entire other box of pinkies that did not make it on the tree though, I spent basically all day yesterday at this and at that point I was just kind of done. Maybe I will assault the tree with more pinkies today…
Picture 1314

Picture 1333

Christmas Tree topper
My Christmas tree topper is my Milch dal, Ambrosia who I got last year for Christmas.

More on my Flickr

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11 Responses to 32/365- Oh Christmas Pinky.. oh Christmas Pinky

  1. Rapunzel says:

    I love it!! Especially the topper ❤ I just giggled when I saw it there XDXD Where on the tree is the Mint plushie though? I adore her to bits, but I can't find her on the tree.

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks, I had wanted to use an angel pullip as our topper last year but lost the ornament as you can see I did all the decorating this year 😀 Click on the first picture and view it larger in flickr then look down, she is in a little broccoli costume. I bought a whole ton of little blindbox Mint plushes when Anime Gamers was closing their physical store. I too adore Mint.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Ohh!! I see her now 😀 She’s tilted a bit to the side so I missed her… all 10 times I looked XDXDXD I didn’t even know that they had released any plush toys of the cast, let alone blind box ones ❤ They're probably rather hard to find by now though.

        Also, did you see? April's Pullip releases have gotten their official shots out 😀

    • kleintoys says:

      Unfortunately she likes to spin around on her own 😦 I will have to take a picture of them all together I have a half dozen or so on my backpack. There was not enough Galaxy Angel merchandise 😦 I got lucky I happened to be in California when Anime Gamers was clearancing everything out I think I paid a $1 each for them. I spent like $250 there that day and filled my car up, I would have bought more but I literally just had enough space to fit in the car myself at that point ^^;

      I already blogged the April releases here – https://hinaichigo.wordpress.com/2009/12/18/april-pullip-releases-announced/ I have kind of mixed feeling about them, I really love the dal though.

    • kleintoys says:

      It was just lucky, last day I was in California I happened to think to stop there. I got of ton of art books, and various swag like a Sumomo pillow from Chobits and tons of Digi Charats stuff. I have the Kotobukiya figures from Galaxy Angel http://www.flickr.com/photos/pullip_junk/sets/72157613052995959/ the few US figures, the gashapon, a couple of tshirts, the Mint keychains and a couple of washcloth I think. I got the Galaxy Angel figures off of Yahoo Japan ironically all but Vanilla (I already had her at that point) were Christmas gifts last year.

      I like the pullip’s stock more than the actual pullip herself, it just looks like they the volume was turned all the way down on the pullip :(. I am not sure what there obsession with fur is, I was kind of horrified when I realized both Edge and Richt had fur on their stock outfits. I tend to not even acknowledge the byuls anymore, slightly miffed that they are releasing two in a row when there was supposed to be a taeyang release in April.

      • rapunzel00 says:

        Oh that is quite lucky 😀 I wish I had known about Galaxy Angel back when all that nice merchandise was being manufactured, a few months ago a saw an almost complete set of the Kotobukiya ones [With the special color version of Millefeuille] for around $225 or so, but it got sold. What courier service do you use to get stuff off of Yahoo!Japan Auctions?

        I have to agree about Pullip’s muted colors, she just kind of blends together with the dress instead of working with it’s elaborate design. Which is a shame since her stock outfit really is quite lovely. I don’t see the appeal either, though I do hope this obsession dies down since they’ve had fur in quite a few now. And I really don’t blame you D: The Byul’s just look unpleasant to me and while I’ve never been overly fond of Taeyang I do like him, especially a LOT more than Byul. I suppose maybe they’re trying get more releases of her since she has fewer dolls, but it still seems a bit odd to have two in a row of her.

    • kleintoys says:

      I want to say for everyone but Vanilla it was something like $130 with fees, and I had purchased Vanilla for about $25 the month before. I think Mint was the most expensive one. At the time I had a friend that was stationed in Japan helping me out with various auctions now that he is stateside again I use Japan to Door and Shopping Mall Japan.

      She isn’t going to stand out on the shelf and that is my problem with her. I think they wasted a lot of potential with her as she looks so generic. They hadn’t used fur in a while before the November releases I want to say Haute LA was the last one before that. Taeyang is starting to grow on me, or maybe it is just because I have so many girl dolls I just feel I need a few boys around as well (and bjd boys with their realistic bits aren’t something I am particularly interested in). The new schedule was supposed to be something like Taeyang/Taeyang/Byul so there would only be four byuls a year but October they released both Taeyang (Captain Hook) and Byul (Tigerlily) and now the scheduled is all messed up :/ At least my wallet is safe from byul. This month and next month will be bad enough with the doll carnival exclusive, a couple of customs, a few random purchases and the monthly dolls.

      • rapunzel00 says:

        Oh goodness! That’s a hefty penny for one figure let alone a whole series XDXD And I really do think Mint’s the most popular as I’ve generally seen more merchandise with her on it that and Daiki Kougyou made a figure of her only and not the rest of the cast.

        That’s very true, I can see how that would be a problem. Especially with quite a few really nice releases coming out right around the same time though personally the last one that was announced that caught my eyes were the Hell Cat Punk dolls and I’ve yet to decide if I like them enough to want to own any of them. Though I’ve seen a few Taeyangs that have caught my eye [Specifically Lead who I’m planning to purchase eventually] I’ve just as many BJD males that have caught my eyes XDXD With or without detailed man bits, but BJD are far more expensive and it’s more than I’m willing to sacrifice for one doll as of right now. Though that’s true, you should just look at it as a blessing in disguise since you’ve got that money to use for something else and I’ve been tempted by the Angelic Pretty line’s Byul since the dress and hair are so pretty but every time I go to look at her I just see her face and get my sane state of mind back XDXDXD I think my months are mostly clear for now, well hopefully anywhoo. I’ve got a few figures preordered but other than that nothing 😀 So thank heavens for that. Though are you planning to auction hunt for the Doll Carnival Exclusive? I’ve just decided not to bother trying to get her as the fees to get her would be far too much :D.

    • kleintoys says:

      lol I meant for all of them together, they were 2500-3500 yen each with fees which really isn’t too bad. I think there were two figures of her by different makers that didn’t make any of the other girls but Mint. Can’t remember the other one for the life of me though.

      I am really in love with all three of the Hell Cat Punks trio, the taeyang just needs to be rewigged and they will be perfect. I seriously own an almost identical outfit as the pullip. Luckily, I already have the doll carnival dal all lined up through a seller I use, they are just holding it for me until my next paycheck hits as I semi-tapped out at the moment with Christmas and all ^^; . I’ll be on a dolly diet here pretty soon as I was a bit ambitious in the doll buying lately I have payments on two bjd to make as well as two custom pullips my goal is to have everyone paid off and home by the end of next month but it will depend on how many hours I can pick up at work. I eventually plan on splitting the Angelic Pretty Byul with someone so I can stick the wig and stock on a dal. I can’t get past the face on byul, just no. I like Bjds and I like pullips, bjds are a lot nicer quality but I don’t find myself playing with them as much or wanting a large quantity of them around. I cut down a lot on my preorders, just a handful of anime figure preorders left I just buy stuff as I want it now if I want it. At this point the apartment is way too overcrowded so I am starting to really have to think about every purchase and where it is going.

      • rapunzel00 says:

        Oohh! Whoops, sorry I read that wrong XDXD. I’m pretty sure the only companies that have made Mint were Daiki, Kotobukiya, and Broccoli; but I could very well be wrong there XDXD But then again Broccoli made a Millefeuille too, though I don’t know much about either figure’s quality as I didn’t purchase them.

        My favorite of the Hell Cat Punks line is by far the Pullip, her face just has a lovely tone to it and works well with such a sharp shade of blue for her hair ❤ Though the Dal's stock is lovely as well :D. And that is really lucky, I'm afraid to see how high prices for her might get XDXD Though didn't you go on a Dolly Diet a few weeks ago? Or at least try to XDXD But goodness, all those payments have got to be good motivation to keep with it XDXD While BJDs are nicer they also take up more space, which could be used for your other hobbies, right? But at least you can be resourceful on how you use them [like with the Pullip Tree] and I almost always buy my anime figures off of HLJ since they've got a very very lenient policy so I can just cancel if I see final shots of something I liked and no longer like it before committing.

  2. Rapunzel says:

    XDXDXD Oh that sounds like fun, I remember when they were closing up I wanted to be there so bad, just for the sales ❤ What all had you gotten other than that? And there really isn't a lot D: I mean a few Cospa shirts and bags when it was popular in Japan and a few scattered figure releases, none of which can be found now. The only bit of Galaxy Angel merchandise I own right now are the mini figures that came with the first DVD and Box.

    I'm still deciding how I feel about them the Dal is absolutely gorgeous [Though I'm not fond of the fur bits XD But they can be removed] the pullip has a lovely dress and head piece but it's cut very awkwardly and the Byul has a rather lovely dress but with off colors, though I really don't like Byul's to begin with XDXD

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