Zombukis Love You- Raffle Prize

Pbrigette creator of zombuki pullips, ran a promotion Zombuki Advent 2009 via her blog. Zombukis for those who don’t own are very colorful, abstract dolls based on the concept of combining zombie and kabuki while they are not to everyone’s tastes it can be universally agreed on that Pbrigette has some serious photography skills and awesome marketing ability. During the first 15 days of December she held a giveaway a day of various zombuki-themed items, all you had to do was comment on the entry to be entered for that day’s raffle. I entered a few different times, not really thinking that I would win but I actually won a set of two magnets featuring Zombukis Yuri and Dormouse. My prize arrived today, packed in an envelope with zombuki address labels Pbrigette also included one of her business cards (featuring Umi) and a postcard of featuring Ecila.
Zombuki Giveaway Prize
I was extremely happy with my little prize everything is pretty cute. I added it to my little wall of pullip on the shelving on my desk, that has various different stickers, postcards and other promotions I have received throughout the years taped on it.
Slightly different view..
Zombukis are unfortunately starting to grow on me 😦 I had previously met Cheshire before Requiemart got a hold of her and recustomized her. Before I seen her in person I was really considering contacting the owner about purchasing her but I knew she would be at the Animadness meet so I waited until I could see her in person before making that big of a decision. She was nice but wasn’t quite my cup of tea and then she ended up going home with Requiemart and getting a makeover.
Before the Makeover

After the Makeover

It’s almost like they aren’t even the same doll anymore, I think the only part of her that remains as stock zombuki is the lower/side eye area. I liked her both ways but at the same time I was truly tempted until she was made over. It isn’t like the current owner contacted me first when she decided she really couldn’t keep her because of looming dentist bills so we worked out a payment plan for her and I am planning on picking her up at the next animadness meet or wait maybe it is :O

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