Day 2/365- GSC Mikuru Nendoroid

Day 2 was a lot more complicated than Day 1 believe it or not. It rained all day and I have been experiencing computer/network issues, I need to rebuild my computer don’t have the time so I am on the secondary laptop for now. I also decided today was the day I was going to completely rearrange things in the apartment but while I started off strong I soon lost focus and now everything is in a general state of chaos. But I still managed to get a picture today so that has to be a good sign, right?

My second photography subject is the Mikuru nendoroid from Melancholy of Suzumiya. I adore everything about Mikuru, something about her character design and personality just does it for me. I have never actually sat down and watched all of Melancholy of Suzumiya, I just haven’t had much time to watch anime in general lately (the last time I sat down and binge-watched any anime was almost two years ago as opposed to my old nearly nightly rituals).

It took me forever to get this damned figure, I finally bought her off of Yahoo Japan. I had bought her from Anime-Xing (I think their site is now off-line) originally but apparently they decided to just take my money and run as although I ordered and paid for her and three other figures they never sent me anything, even after I emailed them repeatedly. I actually got a few emails back from who I am assuming was the owner that were extremely rude, basically like how dare I ask for my figures that I purchased way back in June when it is only December! Maybe I was a bit impatient but in stock items normally don’t take six months to ship, or at least not at any of the other shops I have ever used.

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