Last Dollfie Shoot and a DD update

This will probably be my last dollfie shoot for a little while. My partner in crime is away on business for indeterminate amount of time and the dollfie shoots only work if someone is running defense against the Godzilla baby, otherwise she asserts her dominance over the dollfies.

I had really wanted to take all six of my DDs out but I was convinced that would just too much time and effort and I didn’t have much time to work with so I grabbed the dollfie dream dynamites as a compromise (in retrospect I have less photos of the other three so I probably should have taken them instead >_<) I also decided to change all of their clothes before taking them out. Yoko put on Ryomou’s school uniform, Ryomou went into her gothic outfit set and Kanu went in Yoko’s outfit.
I actually had a few people tell me that they didn’t recognize Yoko with clothes on lol.
I cheated on the outfit and used Kanu’s floppy socks, I have a great fondness for floppy socks ^^;

Kanu’s knees are extraordinarily bad so posing her can be a bit tricky unfortunately.
Kanu’s skintone does seem to nicely compliment Yoko’s outfit though.

and finally my darling Ryomou.. I think she will always be my favorite.

Now for the update, I have a blank head on the way as we speak. I plan to have a custom Mahoro of Mahoromatic made as she is one of my favorite anime characters and I think she would make a good DD plus I think her and Yoko would be epic when photographed together especially given Mahoro’s dislike ecchi though inducing outfits like Yoko’s.

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2 Responses to Last Dollfie Shoot and a DD update

  1. Shiddo says:

    That Kanu (Yoko cosplay) !!! Awesome ^^ Love it! GJ!

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    Such a shame that Kanu’s knees are a bit tricky. Is she your oldest release and they’ve since then improved on their joints?

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