Suprise- 1/4 scale Asuka Figure by Aizu

An old friend of mine had called me somewhat out of the blue last week saying that he had found an Asuka figure that he thought I might like and he needed my address so he could send it to me. As happy as I was to hear from him, my heart filled with dread when I heard it was an Asuka figure as I own lots of Asuka figures and there is a greater chance of a duplicate than a non-duplicate at this point. I was pleasantly surprised when I finally fetched her from the post office today though..
Once I opened the box and seen what the figure was my jaw dropped. I was not expecting a 1/4 scale Asuka from Aizu project. Tokyo Kid had one of this same figure in their window the last time I was there and they wanted $400 some for it and I had seriously thought about it but relented and bought a bunch of different stuff instead (including my Piaway statue from Vandread). I had always kind of regretted my decision not to get her when I had the chance.
She was a most delightful surprise, not only is she huge (she’s 1/4 scale) she is absolutely gorgeous.

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4 Responses to Suprise- 1/4 scale Asuka Figure by Aizu

  1. Ninjovee says:

    Wow, that definitely is a wonderful surprise. That is a very lovely Asuka! Congrats on getting her!

  2. Guy says:

    Are her clothes actual fabric?

  3. Wolfheinrich says:

    Ahhh Aizu project Asuka, I have the 1/2.5 version of Asuka and decided it was good enough for me. I don’t know if Aizu even make figures anymore, they are quite old school. Back in early 2003, Aizu was one of my favorite coldcast manufacturers.

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