Doll Updates- BJD edition

Fairyland announced about half a dozen new little fees including a new version of Ante and the super adorable Bisou. Little Fees are the perfect sized resin bjd for me and I really love my 1st edition Ante but none of the other releases until now really lived up to her in my opinion. Now I find myself torn between the two of them.. Ante!elf on the left and Bisou on the right.
ante bisou
ante bisou

I plan on asking for one of them for Christmas, but I am torn between the two of them. I love both of their face ups so it is a hard choice. Ante!elf is gorgeous, I utterly adore my 1st edition Ante but I fear she may be too similiar in a way. I love her stock outfit but I am not sure how useable it really will be and her wig worries me a bit (looks high maintenance). Bisou is more casual which is kind of a double edged sword, you seem to get less for the price but the outfit is adorable and I have a weakness for hoodies. I am not sure how well Bisou would match Marie but at the same time she might offer more versatility. I am sure whoever I choose will make me happy but since I can only get one for Christmas I hope I choose the one that represents my greatest chance for happiness.

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