Month in Review- June 2009

Looking back over this past month I had thought that I hadn’t actually got much in the mail… then I really started thinking about and well I had actually accumulated quite a bit of things over the past month.

From left to right row one:
1. Evangelion- Kotobukiya- Rei
2. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS- Good Smile Company- Nanoha, Fate Stay/ Night- Clayz- Saber and Pixel Maritan- Good Smile Company- Maritan Nendoroid
3. Pullip- Raphia (custom)- Nyx by Requiemart
4.  Top Row: Kingdom Hearts- Square Enix- Cloud, Melancholy of Suzumiya- Max Factory- Suzumiya chearleader figma, Gundam 00- Banpresto-Mileina Vashti
Bottom Row- Melancholy of Suzumiya- Kaiyado-Mikuru, Melancholy of Suzumiya- Max Factory- Suzumiya, Melancholy of Suzumiya- Max Factory- Mikuru chearleader figma, Strike Witches- Good Smile Company- Miyafuji Yoshika nendoroid
5. Little Dal- Cat
6. Moe-tan- Kotobukiya- Ink Nijihara TV color version, Code Geass- Banpresto- CC, Code Geass- Banpresto- Shirley, Code Geass- Banpresto- Kallen
7. DC Direct- Black and White- Joker statue by Jim Lee
8. Top Row:  Beat Blades Haruka- Volks- Narika, Gundam 00- Banpresto- Wang Lui Mei, Fate Stay/Night- Alter- Saber & Illyavasal(Wonderfest LE)
Bottom Row: Fate Stay/ Night- Alter- Illyavasal, Final Fantasy VII- Kotobukiya- Sephiroth, Rozen Maiden- Animage- Shinku doll
9. Takara- Blythe- Goldie, Takara- Blythe- Rosie Red (Marilinda), Takara- Blythe- Love Mission (Natasha), Pullip- Papin (Lacy)
10. Fairyland- Puki- Lily (Buttercup)

So all in all about 20 new anime figures, 7 new dolls and a Joker statue not bad.

I haven’t been buying as many figures outside of preorders. Partially because after all these years I am running out of stuff that I don’t own that I still want. I think that is partially what is drawing me more and more to the dollfies if for no other reason then to have the thrill of the hunt again ^^;

Oddly I haven’t yet purchased this past month’s pullips :O I really don’t care for Neo Angelique all that much plus I was saving up for the new DD so I figured they could wait a little while. I have Angelique coming from HLJ now, I haven’t ordered the dal yet and I am not even going to bother with the taeyang. A bit of apathy as I near the 200 mark I guess ^^; On a somewhat related note I feel I am okay with blythes for a while at the moment unless I find a jaw dropping deal on My Little Candy.. I eventually want more but right now I am happy with who I have and I have full shelf.

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2 Responses to Month in Review- June 2009

  1. kizo. . . says:

    What’s your favorite figure out of all your June hauls? 😀 I like the Joker one the most since it’s pretty unique all black & white. xD;

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