Here's looking at July

Lots of fun stuff is already lining up for July even though I am only an hour into it >_<

I have  somewhat surprisingly already received shipping notification from Volks for my Rin Dollfie Dream from the VolksUSA store, I could have sworn she was not coming until late July. So Rin and my other incoming Dollfie Dream are racing to my mailbox as we speak both should be here by early next week expect pictures and lots of them 😛

I was also somewhat surprized to see shipping notification for my fourth bjd, an Allie from Felixdoll’s Brownie line. It’s been so long since I paid for her I almost forgot about the poor dear.

My goal, in light of everything is take July a little slower. I bought a lot of stuff last month including another DD which I didn’t absolutely need so I am taking time off from the hunt  as a means of penance for June’s over enthusiam…. Don’t get me wrong there will still be a bunch of stuff arriving in July as I still have a whole ton of preorders which I am anticipating an invoice for any time now.

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