Recent Acquisition- 1/4 scale Nanoha by Good Smile Company

I had originally planned on getting this figure for no other reason than to go with what I hoped would eventually be announced a 1/4 Fate figure ( needless to say I preordered Fate as soon as she went up last week). I don’t actively collect figures from Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha as I  have only seen a few episodes of the show. I rather like Fate’s character design though so I  do own the original 1/8th Alter figure of her and I have the 1/7th by Alter preordered.

Somewhat ironically  this 1/4 scale is my first figure of Nanoha herself. It turned out to be an excellant selection as I was pleasantly surprised by just how beautiful this figure is in person. I love her expression. The sculpt on her is really lovely, her body looks especially nice.

Even from behind she is pretty nice. She has a rather cute bum.

This is one of the few scenerios where I approve of plumber’s crack ^_-

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