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DC x Bishoujo Huntress Figure

Normally, I’m more of a fan of the villains than of the heroes but Huntress is one of the few heroes that I actually like so I was very excited when it was announced that a figure of her would … Continue reading

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NYCC Exclusive Harley Quinn Pullip

As I mentioned previously here, for the first time ever Groove released a New York Comic Con exclusive Pullip this year and in even better news it is the one and only Harley Quinn! Harley Quinn actually arrived last weekend … Continue reading

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When Fandoms Collide: My Little Harley Quinn & Joker

Lately it seems like My Little Pony has become my little addiction and I’ve always loved Joker and Harley Quinn so when I found the two combined, I was powerless to resist. My Little Joker and Harley Quinn were made by … Continue reading

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SDCC Exclusive DC Villain Polly Pockets

Generally speaking I am not really all that interested in Polly Pockets but when the SDCC exclusives were announced and they turned out to be based on DC Villains well they caught my attention. Honestly when I first saw the … Continue reading

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Anime Boston 2012

I attended Anime Boston this past Saturday, this was either the fifth or sixth year that I attended; can’t quite recall if I attended in 2009 or not. I went with Requiemart again this year and we both helped out … Continue reading

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Wonder Festival Exclusive Batgirl and Catwoman Pullips

Much to my surprise the Wonder Festival versions of the Catwoman and Batgirl Pullips arrived yesterday, they arrived way earlier than I had anticipated (before their SDCC counterparts even!). I bought the pair from Toy Malaysia, I paid just about … Continue reading

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Cover Girls of the DC Universe Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn statues

I’ve decided to abandon the 365 post format, I’m still going strong on my 365 toy project but realistically I keep falling behind on getting everything blogged in a timely manner so I’ll just post the interesting things. Plus this … Continue reading

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Wonder Festival Exclusive Catwoman and Batgirl Pullips

I honestly don’t know how I didn’t see this from a mile away, later this week Groove Inc releases San Diego Comic-con exclusives Catwoman and Batgirl Pullips. Of course Groove Inc is going to make Japanese exclusive versions of Catwoman … Continue reading

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173/365- BBTS Haul & Pics of Women of the DCU Harley Quinn bust

Deula being the cheeky little thing she is, decided to survey the goodies from BBTS that I got in the mail recently. What did I get? – Batman Legacy Edition Joker figure (Silver Age) – Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha Fate Nendoroid – … Continue reading

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170/365- Requiemart Custom Pullip Duela Dent

As I mentioned in a previous entry on the way up to the Animadness meet, I stopped at Requiemart‘s to pick up a custom Pullip. The custom Pullip was of course the delightfully demented Duela Dent. The custom Duela Dent … Continue reading

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