DC x Bishoujo Huntress Figure

Normally, I’m more of a fan of the villains than of the heroes but Huntress is one of the few heroes that I actually like so I was very excited when it was announced that a figure of her would be included in the DC x Bishoujo line. I was especially excited about this figure as Huntress tends to be overlooked figure-wise a lot, only a handful of statues and figures of her have been released over the years.
DC x Bishoujo Huntress
Huntress arrived alongside some other stuff from BBTS early last week, I finally got a chance to photograph her yesterday… I’ll get to the other stuff eventually I promise.

DC x Bishoujo Huntress
Huntress is a wonderful addition to the DC x Bishoujo line, the figure is wonderfully detailed, she has a nice dynamic pose and well this is without a doubt the best Huntress figure I have ever seen. It’s rumored that fellow former Bird’s of Prey alum Black Canary will be released later this year if she looks as good as Huntress I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully a Zatanna figure won’t be far behind.
DC x Bishoujo Huntress
She even looks fabulous from all angles.
DC x Bishoujo Huntress
Couple of more pictures of Huntress on my flickr
DC x Bishoujo Huntress

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