Wonder Festival Exclusive Catwoman and Batgirl Pullips

I honestly don’t know how I didn’t see this from a mile away, later this week Groove Inc releases San Diego Comic-con exclusives Catwoman and Batgirl Pullips. Of course Groove Inc is going to make Japanese exclusive versions of Catwoman and Batgirl Pullips as well. These versions will be available only at Wonder Festival, which is probably going to make them a lot harder to get a hold of ::weeps:: . The SDCC versions will be limited to 400 pieces each, I’m not sure how limited the Wonder Festival versions will be.

Batgirl Pullip Comparison
I made a comparison photo of the new Wonder Festival version of Batgirl with the Comic-con exclusive version. When compared the Wonder Festival version has a darker palette in general, she’s tanner, her lips are darker as well as her wig (which seems to be mixed black/blue). The Comic-con version seems to based more on the iconic version of Batgirl, I’m not sure what the basis for the Wonder Festival one is. The costume almost reminds me of the wretched Alicia Silverstone Batgirl costume from the reviled Batman & Robin film. I would understand the Wonder Festival version more if they had chose to make Batgirl blond like the current Batgirl (Stephanie Brown).
Batgirl Japanese Wonder Festival Exclusive
The Batgirl costume is a little different, it uses a different bat logo and the gloves/boots/inside of the cape are now all black versus the yellow of the Comic-con exclusive.
Batgirl Japanese Wonder Festival Exclusive
I noticed in both versions of the Batgirl suit the bust area seems to be padded a bit, the Pullip type 4 body doesn’t seem to have enough bust on it’s own.
Batgirl Japanese Wonder Festival Exclusive
I don’t like this version of Batgirl as much as the SDCC version, she’s a pretty doll but she only leaves me baffled.

Catwoman Pullip Comparison
I made a comparison photo of the new Wonder Festival version of Catwoman with the Comic-con exclusive version. Catwoman has a lot lighter coloring this time around and she is blond. Catwoman is actually has black hair, she is only blond in Batman Returns and the comics from around the same time period (they changed it briefly in the comic for all the new Batman Returns fan). She is also supposed to have green eyes which neither version has.
Catwoman Japanese Wonder Festival Exclusive
It’s really easy to forget just how thin/frail Pullip’s new type 4 body is until you really see it in something form fitting like the catsuit. It’s rather freaky how Catwoman is here, I hope I am able to squeeze that tiny catsuit unto an obitsu body.
Catwoman Japanese Wonder Festival Exclusive
The only difference in the outfit that I noticed offhand is that her goggles are a bit different this time around, they are orange instead of green.
Catwoman Japanese Wonder Festival Exclusive
I actually really like the blond Catwoman’s face up, I don’t consider it to be more Catwoman-like I just like it as a doll.

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7 Responses to Wonder Festival Exclusive Catwoman and Batgirl Pullips

  1. Allyn says:

    The Wonder Festival Batgirl seems to be the Cassandra Cain Batgirl. The hair color matches, the general look of the costume matches. The costume’s not quite right — Cass had a different styled Bat-logo and she wore a full facemask, but neither of those details would really work on a doll like that, especially the full facemask.

    • kleintoys says:

      I had thought about that possibility but somehow she just doesn’t seem Cass-like to me, it screams lazy repaint to me. Actually now that I have confirmed I’m getting two SDCC Batgirls and I’m remaking one as Oracle I’m tempting to customize my own Cassandra Cain, adding the full facemask wouldn’t be hard. I think my biggest problem is the new batsuit reminds me of the one Alicia Silverstone wore in the wretched Batman and Robin film.

      • Allyn says:

        The other possibility, and I realized this about an hour after I left the comment, is that it’s Helena Bertinelli (the Huntress), during the brief period when she operated as Batgirl (during “No Man’s Land”). Her first costume was an all-black version of Batman’s outfit, with the yellow oval Bat symbol. (She was trying to convince people that Batman hadn’t abandoned Gotham.) It was only later that she went with a full facemask and the yellow outline Bat symbol that Cass eventually used. Helena would be a really odd choice for a Batgirl doll, but toy companies don’t always make sensible decisions. 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      I had thought about the possibility of Helena Bertinelli (No Man’s Land is one of my favorite Batman events) as well but I really think it’s just a repaint as they probably have to pay more royalties if they did more characters even if they are both essentially Batgirl. There is some rumor of a third Batgirl/Catwoman sparking (Pullip did a series of three limited dolls two years ago with slightly swapped color palettes one for the US, one for Japan and another for other Asian markets/Europe) so if they do, it will be interesting to see what colors they will pick for those (maybe we will see a blond Batgirl).

  2. I really like the makeup effect on the WonFes Catwoman too. As for the Bat Girls yes, I prefer the traditional red hed version.

  3. R.K. Erlinger says:

    I’m guessing it’s Helena Bertinelli And the other version of Catwoman is probably the second Catwoman, Holly Robinson, which formerly covered for Selina when she had baby Helena Dubrovna.

    • kleintoys says:

      I think it’s intentionally supposed to be generic, as otherwise they would have to pay more licensing fees for more characters (even the SDCC versions of Catwoman and Batgirl aren’t identified as Selina Kyle and Barbara Gordon). I’m not as familiar with Holly Robinson but after looking at some of her pictures they may have basing her off it. I would more willing to bet on Cassandra Cain than Helena Bertinelli as Batgirl, mostly because Cassandra was Batgirl for much longer than Helena (just during No Man’s Land).

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