Pullipstyle Lucky Bag Trio

Pullipstyle recently announced on their facebook page that they are offering a limited time special via their website. What is a lucky bag? A lucky bag or fukubukuro are a popular sales trend in Japan they tend to be a great deal/inexpensive but they are traditionally blind ie. you don’t know the contents of your lucky bag until after you purchase it. Lucky bags are great if you don’t own a lot of that store’s/brand’s products but if you are a big fan of their store/band and collect their stuff it is a bit of a gamble on whether or not you may end up being unlucky and receiving a duplicate of something you already own :/ .  Pullipstyle’s lucky bag offer works a little bit differently than the traditional lucky bag because they are giving their customers choice as to what dolls they will receive, they have separated dolls into three separate categories and you get to choose one doll from each category.  I’m really glad that they chose to do it this way as it’s one thing to get a duplicate blind box re-ment or Tokidoki Unicorno but another entirely to get a duplicate doll or get stuck with a doll you simply don’t fancy. reviseluckybag
From now until March 31st you can buy a lucky bag from Pullipstyle for $333 via their website.  The lucky bags work as a short-term preorder as I guess they are ordering in stock specially to fill these orders.

Dolls are separated into three groups of seven-eight dolls each, there is a nice variety of dolls in each group.
Group A
Group B
Group C

The deal actually works out to be a really great value depending on what dolls you choose, for example if you chose ordered Pullips Kumiho and Nanette Erica via their website they would be $310, for just $23 more you get your choice of one of the dolls from Group C plus as you can also stack their 10off250 discount code with it for an additional $10 off and if you are in the US this offer meets the threshold for free best way shipping so that would three dolls for $323 shipped within the US, definitely not a bad deal.

I unfortunately have all of the dolls on offer, honestly the only Pullip family member doll I don’t own that they still have in stock is Taeyang Albireo (although they do have some Luts Tiny Delf in stock and Azone dolls for me to drool over) but I think this is a more than fair deal so I thought I would share here!

I know a lot of us are stuck at home right now (including me) and potentially off of work right now (also me) and I know dolls aren’t neccessities but places like Pullipstyle (Groove itself is probably a lot smaller than most people realize) are small businesses so I will continue to support them for as long as I am able plus Pullip spark joy!

Hoping to devote some of this downtime to updating this website, while I have continued to update the release lists and make information pages more or less I haven’t been great about posting reviews or new doll announcements with any sort of regularity unfortunately a chaotic real life tends to trump time I can devote to doll as we settle into new routine of “distance learning” etc I’m hoping to have more time to spend working on things here.

EDIT: This deal has been extended through until the end of April!

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