Pullips PIMMAM & Momori

Time keeps on slipping away from me, in an effort to speed up this endeavour posts are going to be a bit shorter than usual here I apologize in advance for the brevity but I have a lot of ground to cover and less time/ability to do it in.

I am now up to the October releases… As a note, so far no Pullip has been announced for a September release in Japan I’m not sure if that means Groove is skipping a month or if there is still a forthcoming release to be announced.

Pullip PIMMAM is the first of two releases coming out in October in Japan, she will be released one month later here in the US. She has a MSRP of 20,000 yen which as of this writing is equivelant to about $189.20. She is currently available for preorder via Groove Rakuten Shop and Pullipstyle (also available as a part of a combo set with Pullip Momori).

Pullip PIMMAM is an audacious, downright bizarre release but I absolutely love and adore her! PIMMAM seems to have a bit of a candy monster theme, she is equal parts sweet and scary with her pastel goth outfit and her outlandish accessories! I can’t get over the fact that her purse is an eyeball, which is a continuing motiff from her skirt but still I don’t think I’ve ever seen an eyeball purse anywhere else before this. The bone motiff on her shirt and leggings is something quite popular in pastel goth, I’ve never seen any with quite so many bones in the legs before. Her shoes appear to be spiked as well as flocked!
PIMMAM reminds me a bit of Papin but reimagined as a monster girl, Papin is still one of my favorite Pullip releases and every time I see a photo of one I can’t help but smile I feel like it’s going to be the same way with PIMMAM.

I love that PIMMAM is so bright colorful and unique!

Pullip Momori
Pullip Momori is the other release coming out in October in Japan. Once again we have a month where there are two releases who couldn’t be more different from each other; while PIMMAM is a bright and colorful release with an outfit bordering on costume Momori has much more of a natural color palette and her stylish stock outfit looks like something you could actually see someone wearing during the spring (or fall) in the city. She has a MSRP of 22000 yen which is about  $208.58 as of this writing. She is available for preorder via Groove Rakuten shop and Pullipstyle (where she is also available as part of a combo set with PIMMAM).
Pullip Momori was designed by Mikiyochii x Nénelle et Lalluli. I think this is an amazing opportunity for fans of their works that haven’t had the opportunity or ability to get a one of a kind piece from either artist, I know that I am personally very excited about this opportunity!
While I myself tend to be more of a fan of really bright colorful dolls (the more eye searing the colors the better!) versus those with more natural color schemes, she is such a well put together release where the outfit prefectly complements the doll’s overall design that I can’t help falling in love with her.
I love that her eyelids are such a great pop of color,  they are almost marigold!

Pullip Momori has an absolutely gorgeous face up characteristic of works by Mikiyochii, the eyelashes in particular just scream her style! I absolutely love her face up and how ell the natural colors all seem to work together and the way her lips are painted give her such a unique expression. I know that sometimes the dolls designed by artists are not everyone’s cup of tea due to some of them having such different styles but I personally can’t recall an artist I was this excited to see featured previously.

The only element I’m not completely sold on with Momori is the removeable collar while it does appear to be fake fur, I’m personally not overly fond of it and prefer her without it.

Verdict: Well let’s just say in my case that’s a good thing that Pullipstyle is offering a little bit of a discount if you buy both (don’t forget to use code 10off250 for even more of a bargain ) as I’m excited about both releases. Even though the two releases are very different from each other I can’t choose just one, I require both dolls!


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