Pullip Margrethe

Part three in my vain attempts in trying to catch-up on writing up some releases that I previously neglected to as they were announced ^^;

P-233_1_mailPullip Margrethe is an August release in Japan, she will be released in September here in the US. It is important to note that there still has not been a release announced for September in Japan, I’ve heard rumors of a possible release but nothing has been officially announced just yet. She has a MSRP of 20,000 yen which as of this writing is equivelant to about $189.20. Pullip Margrethe is in stock and available for purchase via Groove Rakuten  and is currently available for preorder via Pullipstyle where she is expected to be in stock late Septemeber.
P-233_2_mailPullip Margrethe has a country lolita vibe similar to Pullips’ Dita and Meg, her outfit has a kind of home-spun charm to it. One of the things in general about this year’s Pullip releases is that there has been a huge variety of original designs, there have been a lot of really great releases like nine-tailed fox Kumiho and and the military lolita Pullip Jeanne but most of the designs are very unique and not all of them are going to appeal to everyone. I admittedly kind of personally struggle with Pullip Margrethe, I don’t think she is a bad release persay just that she just isn’t my personal cup of tea.
P-233_3_mailI can’t help but wonder if this outfit was originally designed with a Dal (or maybe even Byul) prototype in mind, I think I would like the outfit a lot more if it was on a Dal as it seems maybe a bit too immature for Pullip especially with the teddy bear detailing and her teddy bear companion. I actually even like the doll itself as she has somewhat of a melancholy vibe I just feel like she doesn’t quite match the stock outfit so perhaps what I will end up doing is restyling Margrethe herself and give her outfit to a Dal instead.
I like that Margrethe has a bit of a somber vibe to her. It looks like her lips were intentionally minimized a bit, I actually like the combination of the smaller lips with the almost nude lipstick. I’m not quite sure if wide-eyed innocence was what the desired impact was but it almost feels like her eye make up might be a bit too overdone compared to the rest of her.

I still haven’t made up my mind about her but I feel like she really has the potential to shine outside of her stock outfit so I’m tempted by her! I might have to wait to see owner photos of her first though.

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