Yokohama Doll Museum Exclusive Miku Pullip

As recently reported by,  Yokohama Doll Museum is holding a Hatsune Miku Figure Exhibition from 12/8/2018- 1/31/2018. Since 2007, the virtual idol from the synthetic music software Vocaloid has inspired a merchandise empire including countless figures, plushes as well as many dolls. The Hatsune Miku Figure Exhibition highlights approximately two hundred different goods released based on Hatsune Miku including an entire army of nendoroid figures, the Volks Dollfie Dreams and the various Pullip releases based off of Miku and other virtual idols from the Vocaloid software.

Ah, Pullip now we get to the heart of the matter and why I am posting this! A new Pullip based on the poster illustration for the event is being released to commerate the event Pullip Hatsune Miku Yokohama doll’s house version. This new version of Pullip Miku will be released towards the end of the event in mid-January and her price is reported to be 23,760 yen which is approximately $210.88 as of this writing. At this time this new version of Pullip Miku appears to be exclusive to this event so the only way to get her is to go to Yokohama Doll Museum during the event, it is not yet known if any other sellers will be able to offer her after the event.

It’s a pity she is exclusive and so limited because I really feel like this is definitely one of my favorite interpations of Miku in Pullip form, I love the nautical theme!

I will update when/if additional details become available!

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