Pullip Bouguetin

I just realized that I had neglected to post about Pullip Bouguetin here, she was announced a little while ago now via Groove’s blog. Pullip Bouquetin will be released in March of next year in Japan, she will be released one month later here in the US. Bouqetin has a MSRP of 20000 yen which as of this writing is about $176.02.

It appears as though there may be somewhat of a zodiac theme with some of next year’s releases with Alresha Pisces also coming out, Bouquetin definitely looks as though she could be based off of the traditional Aries’ ram. It’ll be interesting to see if they continue releasing dolls with a zodiac inspiration as well as how they will interpret other zodiac signs like Scorpio…

Honestly it looks like Pullip is off to a great start in 2019, so far every release that has been announced has been exciting and different while Bouquetin isn’t my favorite of the releases that have been announced so far I think that speaks to the overall quality of recent releases.

If Aries is the inspiration then I think Bouquetin does a fantastic job of interpreting the sign, her stock outfit definitely shows off the confident side of Aries. I like the combination of corset and tulle skirt. The curly ram horns are a really neat accessory.
Even without the horns, Bouquetin looks spectacular almost like a showgirl!

The only thing I would change about Bouquetin is her wig color, I think the white kind of washes her out a bit I would have preferred a more dynamic color on her; perhaps a nice burgandy? Fortunately, wigs are something that are easy enough to change.
Back view of Bouquetin’s outfit.

Bouquetin has a really nice face up, I like the understated way her lips are done as well as her dark and dramatic eye make up. I really wish we could see more of her eyebrows, I feel like she needs really fierce eyebrows and they look a little sweet to me.

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