Cyber Monday Sale @Pullipstyle

I guess Pullipstyle’s Black Friday sale must have been popular because they just announced a Cyber Monday sale! Use code Monday10 to get 10% off any purchase from their website Pullipstyle from now until 11:59 PM tonight GMT-7. Details were announced via their facebook page just a short while ago, hopefully one of these sales will actually occur on a day where my bank account isn’t so drained T_T .

Our first ever Black Friday sale was so popular that we have decided to try another first, a Cyber Monday Sale! From now until 11:59 PM 11/26/2018 GMT-7 get 10% off your order with code Monday10 . #pullip

Couple of guidelines:
– We have preemptively removed some items not included in the sale from the website including all preorder items and kits. Please do not panic, the items will return but not until after the sale has ended anything that isn’t currently listed on the website will be added until the conclusion of the sale.

– We can not add the code on an order once it has been placed so please remember to input your coupon code! Coupon codes can not be added on to preexisting orders.

– Offer is limited to stock on hand!

– We reserve the right to limit quantities!

– The mobile version of the website does not have a place to input coupon codes so if you are unable to checkout on a computer please use the PC view on your mobile.

Please understand that currently very busy packing orders so that the dolls can get out to their new homes as quickly as possible so response times will be a bit slower than usual.

Don’t forget to support some of our favorite Pullip related small businesses who are also having sales!

Pullipdollclub who makes very cute and affordable outfits for Pullip, Dal, Byul and Blythe. I have some pictures on flickr of some of her adorable fashion items.

Requiemart if you are feeling crafty yourself, Requiemart has patterns for almost any size doll including Pullips and she is also having a sale on her spiffy new website . Even if you don’t have much sewing experience, her patterns are incredibly easy to follow.

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