Pullip 15th Anniversary ♥ ~ Starry Sky Dream ~ at Yokohama Doll Museum Custom Dolls

To celebrate Pullip’s 15th anniversary a special event was held at Yokohama Doll Museum, a custom doll contest was held as a part of the event. Doll artisans from around the world participated, the theme was dream. The winning doll will be turned into an actual doll release by Groove! Results will be announced May 31st.

Entry #1
Artist(s): 青眼鏡 (Japan)
Name: Blue
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So: I want to meet the happy blue butterfly ….. that feeling.

Entry #2
Artist(s): 海熊堂 (Japan)
Name: Clock Rabbit Alice
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So: I am Alice as usual but I am turning into a watch rabbit to tell you a morning ….. I feel like that

Entry #3
Artist(s): 銀河鉄堂 (瀬那 朱鞠)(Japan)
Name: Dreaming Automata
Model: Isul
Feel Like So: Also in the eyes of the gear work I wonder if a gentle dream is reflected. In case Dreaming of being a human being someday ….. Feel Like So.

Entry #4
Artist(s): 月夜 (Japan)
Name: Iris
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So: I am a seven colors dream. Cute, cool, sometimes strange … can be me in various colors. In case today we wear a sweet pink dress pretty, tomorrow wearing a cool blue dress and it’s dignified. In case I want to be in the mood at that time seven changes to me ….. such feeling

Entry #5

Artist(s): 辺銀堂 (ららこ)  (Japan)
Name: Two Dreams ~un secret~
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So: 
Last night I was a princess, tonight I am a knight. In case But neither of us is secret to anyone. In case … Well, which one am I tomorrow? Feel Like So.
Note: This doll comes with a removable skirt element

Entry #6
Artist(s): Milk Revolution (Japan)
Name: A Traveler of a Dream
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So: 
I’m going through the constellation to see the dream of a dream. I wonder what color your dreams are ….. Feel like so.

Entry #7
Artist(s): Alice Mate (Japan)
Feel Like So: 
Flowers dream of a day to meet you far away than that blue moon ….. Feel like so.
Note: Alice’s Mate has previously been featured at Doll Carnival before please see the Doll Carnival Custom Auction Dolls for additional information. 

Entry #8
Artist(s): Alohana  (United States)
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So: 
Come with me to a dream filled paradise… Kissed by the clouds, we will dance in a sea of stars! I pray to the heavens that all your wishes come true…..Feel Like So

Entry #9
Artist(s): BelladollaDolls (France)
Feel Like So: 
I am Nuage. I feel light like the clouds in a summer sky, the day, and like a unicorn in a starry sky, the night…..Feel Like So

Entry #10
Artist(s): Camellia (Japan)
Feel Like So: 
Let’s go on a trip to find dream pieces all over the world. In case I can fly anywhere ….. Feel like so

Entry #11
Artist(s): Artist Charon Dolls (London)/ Dress by Its My Caprice/ Wings & Tiara: Mei4Life / Eyechips: Lullaby for Dolls / Earrings: The Dollie Boutique/ Shoes: SK Couture
Feel Like So:
In a dreamy, atmospheric twilight sky, I’ve been through some transformation. From a tiny cocoon, it is time for me to bloom.
Metamorphosis, I must learn how to fly…Feel Like So

Entry #12
Artist(s):ElfiqueLunatique (Switzerland)
Name: Céleste
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  When finally comes the night and his soft dark veil, I like feeling the breeze on my face and raised eyes towards the twinkling stars, the amazed look, eternal small dreamer …whose look gets lost in the magic of heavens…..Feel Like So

Entry #13
Artist(s):Eniva Queen (Russia)
Name: Fantasy dream – Spring Spirit Magnolia
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  She comes with the first drop. Her eyes are blue of sky, her smile is sunshine. It will melt not only the snow and your heart. She’s magical…She’s wonderful Dream…Feel Like So

Entry #14
Artist(s): Artist Erosanoff (South America)/ Clothes by Mota de Algodon (United States)
Name: Küze
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  Among the foliage of forest, I’m the light that nature emits. Spread my wings and help me to achieve my dream. Let’s fly together to the stars!…..Feel Like So

Entry #15
Artist(s): Feb.La.Campanura (Japan)
Name: Secret Garden of White Witch
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So: “My dream bloomed again!” The moving dreams make beautiful flowers. Even if you change colors, dream flowers will never die. What kind of dream will come out tomorrow? Feel Like So.

Entry #16
Artist(s): HAPPYCats (Japan)
Name: Dreaming Princess MERRY
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  I’ll show you a rainbow over the dreaming starry sky … ♪ Feel Like So

Entry #17
Artist(s): hitoe(Japan)
Name: Morpheus
Model: Taeyang
Feel Like So:  Tonight I sleep on ebony and tell you the end of the star

Entry #18
Artist(s): HONEY SLASH! (Japan)
Name: Monochrome’s Dream
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  I saw a colorful dream …..Feel like so.

Entry #19
Artist(s): Kako (Japan)
Name: Black Swan Odille
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  Tonight I will tempt the prince into a magical ambition of a dream by a demon … I feel like that … I feel like that

Entry #20
Artist(s): katzeBlume (Japan)
Name: Past Future
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  Various past making me now I am making me of the future now. That’s why I have to dream a lot. Feel like so!

Entry #21
Artist(s): (Canada)
Name: Night-Blooming Cereus
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  Under the moon’s shadow, I bloom alone…My beauty glimmers through the long night. Brief, but eternal! …..Feel Like So

Entry #22
Artist(s): lucca (Japan)
Name: Camellia*Spring ~ Love Flower Pattern
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  Clumsy love flower pattern I wonder if he likes that person to turn around to me. Stuff my colorful feelings into a magical bag
feel like so

Entry #23
Artist(s): Artist: Miyochii (Germany) / Dark Stars (France)
Name: Célestine
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  I am a dreamer. I have the magical power of talking to the stars and live sweet adventures in the sky …..Feel Like So

Entry #24
Artist(s): Miss Nuts (France)
Name: Straum
Model: Isul
Feel Like So:  Close your eyes, hear my voice, listen my story and do sweet dream…..Situation Like So

Entry #25
Artist(s): Artist: Nenndolls (Germany) / Outfit” MissingNoMiho
Name: Morphée
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  When the night comes and moon is shining in the sky, goddess “Morphée” appears like a dream.
Through darkness, she brings her light to catch every nightmare…..Feel Like So

Entry #26
Artist(s): Neyvadoll (Germany)
Name: Estelle
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  When it’s getting dark outside, the sparkling stars start to shine. Their twinkle makes my dreams come true, magical…..Feel Like So

Entry #27
Artist(s): PINKARINA (France)
Name: Stella
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  The sheep on my hair is counting your dreams, While my dreamcatcher is chasing the bad ones. Some say “Mr” Sandman, but call me Miss. Miss Stella…..Feel Like So

Entry #28
Artist(s): Polka Doll Fabrics (France)
Name: Niji
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  I look forward for the magical dusk! Sky and earth are only one, everything sparkling in the night.
I feel like a star when my hair and my dress twinkling under the glow of the moon and streetlights!…..Feel Like So

Entry #29
Artist(s) Sino (Japan)
Name: Stardust Grid
Model: Taeyang
Feel Like So:  Collect the Tsubu of light, I’m surely going to find you

Entry #30
Artist(s): snow ☆ (Japan)
Name: Angel Dream ☆
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  I spun well the stars wearing pure white dream clothes angel wings on the back ….. feel like so.

Entry #31
Artist(s): Solarsenshi (Netherlands)
Name: Broken Doll
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So:  The night shall soon fall, Do you know where to go? Come to me…..Feel Like So

Entry #32
Artist(s): terra (France)
Name: Etrange ~ The dancing phoenix dream is ~
Model: Dal Mocha MIO kit
Feel Like So:  I had a dream … Etatranse in a distant foreign country. .In the milky cold sleep,
Like butterflies fluttering in flutter …I keep dancing forever!

Entry #33
Artist(s): Tsubasa Makeup Dolls (France)
Name: Lady Cloud
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So: To feel our dreams soar to the sky…..Feel Like So

Entry #34
Artist(s): UtoPa (Japan)
Name: Subaru
Model: Pullip
Feel Like So: Reflecting is an unlimited universe that limits curiosity as much as possible. Someday to find a new star and name my dream – Feel like so.

Please note that I have made this page in an attempt to preserve the information regarding the contest, so future fans of Pullip can admire all of the gorgeous customs as well. I have made best effort to link to the artist’s page when I have been able to locate them (if anyone has any additional links or feel I have not used the best link please comment). If you do not want your entry featured here please comment and I will remove it!

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